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Haunted Hospital Bed

This is a real life experience about the hospital bed I slept in SGH hospital. I had a minor operation and therefore I have to come to the hospital to stay and put me under observation to make sure everything go smoothly in the operation. I was sent to block 3, ward 33. I had to share the room with the other 5 patients.

On my first night, I felt someone kept pinching me until dusk, the next day. Besides pinching me, I also heard someone kept calling my name in a low voice. I thought someone was disturbing me and I went to check but to no avail.

The next day, my dad went to visit me and I told him the things I had encountered the last night when I was sleeping. After listening my story, he laughed loudly and call me a fool. Suddenly, a nurse happened to serve me breakfast, heard my story and told my father that it was the truth. The nurse told me that a patient had died in her sleep, about 3 years ago and that many patients who had slept on the same bed had also encountered strange happenings. I was so shocked that my face went pale. My father immediately told the nurse to change the bed.

Until now, I still cannot forget that awlful experience.

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