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Sad Story

This story happened to my friend. I have no intentions of provoking the dead person I’m going to relate.

My friend’s boyfriend rides a bike. They were very much in love and that their relationship was at it’s peak when her boyfriend met with a fatal accident(not sure of the location). I think he died on the spot, my friend was devastated and depressed and it was really sad for someone so close to leave so suddenly.

A few days after the accident, while she was doing something in her room, she heard chains outside her bedroom. I’m not trying to exaggerate the incident but it really did happen. The sound of the chain became clearer, my friend looked out of her room into the living room and that was where she saw her boyfriend standing there wearing the exact clothes he was wearing on the day of the accident. She was scared but it was her boyfriend after all. He was holding on to a helmet and looking at her. She believed that her boyfriend had came back to say goodbye.

I’m sure many of you had similar experiences before, from my point of view, the chain sounds might be some things that happened after his death. He might be chained before he was brought to nether world or it might be his bike chains that got caught on his body while he crashed?

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