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COS Duty

This is possibly the last time I am writing a story regarding my NS days. The following incident is possibly the most frightening thing that I had ever seen.

I was send on course for 2 months before returning to find out that I was schelduled to perform COS duty the following friday. I just went about to prepare to do my duty when I met the COS for the previous day. He just told me not to sleep in the room where COS are supposed to sleep at nite. Sleep in the bunk instead.

That’s was all he told me. All along I know that there is something was wrong with the room. But so far the ‘thing’ had not disturbed me much. So I just ignored the advice.

It was a long and tiring day and finally it is 10 minutes past 12 midnight. I was inside the room trying to close all the accounts for the day. I was sitting in a way which I am facing the whole room. It was then I saw a chair (those with wheels atttached) was pushed by an invisble force causing it to crash loudly against some metal cabinet on the opposite side of the room!

I do not know what I was thinking, I must be very tired and pissed that I immediatly stood up and scolded the ‘thing’ the most vulgar of all hokkien curses. That was when I saw the table which I was working on, lifted up into midair and was thrown down!!! Apparently I know I had offend the ‘thing’, I immediatly say some prayers and apologised to it and ran out of the room.

I went back the next morning to find the things was left the way I left them so it can never be my imagination!!

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