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This is true! My fiance had a friend, 28 yrs old, who had passed peacefully away in his sleep. Nothing unusual? Read on.

B was my fiance’s best friend. Before B passed away, they didn’t have the time to catch up with each other due to hectic daily schedules. The previous Chinese New Year (2000), B called and informed my fiance’s father that he’d be coming to visit. My fiance was unable to stay at home because we had other prior engagements on that day. This had to happen.

It was around 7 pm. I was at Suntec City near U2. My fiance went to the gents and I was alone outside near one of the pillars, waiting. The shops are all closed (it was Chinese New Year, remember?) I was waiting when I heard “Oi! Ida! Oi!” in a low whispery voice. I looked around finding nobody. I didn’t tell my fiance until the next day.

The next day, early in the morning, my fiance called to inform B had passed away. So, I went to visit to the funeral. There, my fiance’s father told me B acted strangely when he visited. He was not his normal talkative self. He spoke in short, straightforward sentences. He actually asked about my fiance and asked how we have been. The same time he’d asked about me, was the same time I’d heard ‘the voice’ in Suntec! My fiance’s father said his soul was actually reaching out to me. (my hair still stands as i’m typing this)

PS : The Malays believe that days before one’s death the soul will receive some kind of signs that it will be leaving the body. For B, may your soul rest in peace in His hands. Amin.

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