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‘Robber’ In The House

I have been working in the SPF for about 5 years since I joined in 1996. Frankly, we police officers had encountered so many ‘incidents’ which members of public are unaware. Here, I will tell you one of the ‘incidents’ which I personally encountered durng my one of my night patrol duty.

I was deployed for patrol duty on that night with my partner. During my patrol, I was despatched to a case of ‘Robber In The House.’ So, as per normal, I sped off to that location located somewhere near to Radin Mas Primary School. When we arrived, we managed to contact the caller who informed us that earlier, she saw a lady in white with long hair walking at the vicinity of her kitchen. She got panicked and called ’999′. However, she informed that before my arrival with six other police cars, she shouted at ‘her’ and all of a sudden she turned at her, gave a smile and flew out of her kitchen window!

She seemed shocked when I arrived there. She only managed to calm down after her husband came back from work about 45mins later. Till now, that particular ‘incident’ still remain in my mind. There is still lot more ‘incidents’ I wish to share with you. Perhaps some other time, OK.

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