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Tekong Horror

During my NS days of Pulau Tekong, I encountered some eerie and unexplainable circumstances.

However the most memorable of them all was when it happened in Camp 3. Apparently, I heard pork was not allowed in the bunk. I think one of the recruits just disobey the rules and brought pork inside the bunk.

At about 12.35 a.m in the morning, one Malay guy suddenly ran amok. He spoke in an ancient Malay Language and said that he wants to kill the person that brought pork into the bunk.

It was an eerie site. A lot of guys tried to calm him down but no one was strong enough to stop him as if he has supernatural powers. He was brought to the medical centre by about 8 guys who carried him with much discomfort. One of the guy in the medical centre read some versus from the Koran and the guy suddenly calmed down and collapsed. Unbelievable but true! I can swear to that!

Whenever I walked in a dark area, it always reminded me of that incident. I was never a keen believer in the supernaturals but what happened then, especially when the guy spoke in ancient Malay Language really makes my hair stand!

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