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Who Is Behind Me?

In case you haven’t read my previous story before.. well.. my house has been passed down from my great-grandma to grandma and then to my dad..

There is this particular room that is haunted.. and nobody seems to believe/see the spirits inside the room. The room is kinda long as it used to have a balcony but it was taken away to make the room bigger.. and this room happens to be where i put my computer.. but now it has moved.. so.. whenever i use my computer, i would surely use it till around 12 or later than that. And these spirits would actually start disturbing me EXACTLY at 12 and the hours after that. There was once when i was using the computer.. and then this white thing was running around my back.. as i could see it in the reflection of my clock(its a CD clock) sometimes i would feel it jumping on me and giving me a fright.. but most of the time i show no fear. Sometimes i would steal glances at the clock and would see something whitish zooming up and down the room behind my back. I find it very annoying and soon i got used to it and i didn’t bother about it much. Now my auntie and her family is using that rm becoz their house is on renovation.. and every now and then whenever i walk pass the room.. i would see whitish figure..and then it would disappear the moment i turn to look at it..

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