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A Creepy Experience

Every friday I would have my ECA practice in the school hall and our changing room is at the back of the stage. Our sch is rather old so there are some areas where it is left vacant at the back of the stage. Just next to our changing room, there’s a staircase which will lead us to a ceiling.

No one has ever climbed up to explore cos those who have climbed a few steps up the stairs and had a peek of the ceiling were reported to feel uneasy abt the place.One day, our group of friends dare a guy to go up and explore…..(what we mean is he has to walk around the ceiling and not just have a peek of it)…in order not to ‘lose face’ in front of us girls,he really went up the stairs.

Just one more step and he will step onto the ceiling, he broke out in sweats and almost fell off…we girls were at the bottom of the stairs, worried that he’ll fall so we asked him to come down first. When we asked what did he see to make him freak out,he said that ‘something’ seems to be there, smiling at him…..Though he did not see anything but it’s the creepy feeling that makes us freak out rite?

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