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Jumping Ghost

It actually happened to me years ago. When I was about 8 or 9. But I can remember every detail quite well though.

Well it was the holidays. My family decided to drive up to Johore Baru and visit our relatives.

We embarked on the journey in the evening and we reached my relatives’ kampung at around 10pm. I was sleeping, I remember. And no one cared to wake me up. I was lying on the back seat.

I was sleeping soundly when I suddenly woke up and realised that I was alone in the car. I was a little scared but i was too sleepy to bother about it and went back to sleep.

I was jolted out of my sleep again. What welcomed me will never be forgotten. Let me remind you again that this is REAL.

There were ‘things’ jumping, surrounding the car, looking in the windows, looking at me!! I think there were more than 5 of ‘them’. There were making this sound… like chanting rythmatic sound…

I didn’t really get a close look but I know their heads were covered, like a hood. Their ‘faces’ could roughly be seen but no thanks!

After spending about 5 seconds ‘admiring’ them, I pretended to sleep. When I thought it was safe enough, I dashed out of the car to my relatives’ house. No one believed me but i’m sure I wasn’t dreaming. What was it anyway?!

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