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Changi Botak Ghost

I remember that it was a Saturday night, i was at a chalet in Changi celebrating my sister’s birthday, it was already late at night and everyone else were either sleeping or watching a show downstairs. I was a bit drowsy and so i decided to sleep early, i shared my room with my elder sis but as she has something on she left first leaving me alone in the room,that i don’t mind as i was use to it as at home i always slept alone.

When i enter the room i immediately turned on the air con and hopped in to bed…..i lied on the bed wait to be “lalabyed” to sleep but it seemed that the room although it was dark was getting even more darker….and darker and i looked out through curtain covered window and guess what i saw?? A BALDED FIGURE FLOATING PASS!!!! i was scared stiff….i immediately ran and check all the rooms but the door leading to the balcony outside the window was locked and everyone else were sleeping.Then……I IMMEDIATELY DASHED DOWN AND NEVER STEPPED INTO THE ROOM EVER AGAIN!!!!!!! Next time if u ever hired a chalet in Changi……BEWARE….

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