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The Hair

I was spending a Saturday night at an uncle’s place. He was scheduled to fly to Japan on the following Sunday. He is staying in Yishun.

My family members left for home and I was the only “outsider” left at my uncle’s place. Well, it was a normal night except for the fact that it was especially cold. I thought it was the rainy weather but I was wrong.

Before going to bed my uncle gave me a small, mini Quran. He told me to place it under the pillow. Being a small kid still, I obeyed without asking anything.

Late that night, I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing on my bed, turning left and right. It was during this point when I was actually falling asleep when I noticed something that I will never forget.

At a corner of the room, the part where the walls meet with the ceiling, I saw strands of long hair hanging down. There was no head at all, just hair! I heard nothing either. Being as gullible as I was, I went back to sleep.

No one else knew about the story until now. I wish to share it with all ghost-story lovers in Singapore.

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