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Coin Spirit

Do u know the game that is almost the same as “the coin spirit” except u play it with a pen? I used to play that game in school with my friends. I had loved playing it as i thought it was funny. I stopped playing it when we made real contact with a spirit.

It was during the Chinese Seventh Lunar Month. People say that it’s dangerous to play the game during that time. But my friends and i found it more exciting to play it at that time. When 1 of the teachers was absent, we decided to kill time by playing spirit of the pen. There were only four of us brave enough to play the game. Just as we were about to give up finding a spirit, we got lucky. We made contact with a spirit. He was nine-year-old Henry. He was really funny. After a while, we decided to let him out. We let go of the pen and waited for Henry to come out, but he didn’t. When we asked him why, he said there was a guard holding him back. Then he started to cry. The ink in the pen we were using started to flow out. When we asked him how to let him out, he said he would tell us how in our dreams. That night, we didn’t get anything. And after a while, we forgot about Henry.

Then, strange things started happening after the Lunar Month. One of my friends was chatting on the phone when she caught sight of something from the corner of her eye. What she saw terrified her. It was a shadow of a child darting out of the room.

That was not all. Strange things began happening at school too. And the only people who experienced it were the 4 of us who played the game. The funny thing was, it never happened when we were together. It was always only happening when we were seperated.

Each 1 of us heard a shrill little voice call out our name. When we turned around to look, there was no one there. Then, we knew it was Henry. He had finally broken free.

It was then that i told my mother about it. She scolded me till no end. After she cooled down, she made each of us say prayers and make offerings for Henry’s tortured soul.

We haven’t heard from Henry since. Not yet any way………

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