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Polytechnic Story

I study in one of the four polytechnics in S’pore. There was once an OGL (Orientation Group Leaders) camp in that particular polytechnic at around the yr 1999-2000.

U know, as usual, camps will end late in the nite each day, rite? It’s the same with this one. It’s around 1am at nite. A group of 4 gals were heading for the Ladies for their bath. In the Ladies, there were 5 cubicles. The gals took 4, leaving the second one empty.

While they were bathing, one of the gals started singing. It was Mariah Carey’s “Hero”. After she sang the 1st line, ALL the gals heard a MAN’s voice repeating that particular line. The gals ignored it, and the singing continued. This time, the same male voice repeated the 2nd line! One smart alec asked,

“Did u all hear that?”
“No lah! Where got? No lah …”
The gals replied. But the male voice said,

The gals freaked out and quickly finished their baths. But, that same smart alec wanted to comb her hair. So, she went in front of a mirror to do it. After a while, without seeing any reflections behind her, that gal heard the same male voice behind her, saying,

“Hi. How are you? Watz ur name?”

That gal, of course, turned white and dashed out of the Ladies with the other gurls. And the last one leaving the Ladies heard, yes, that man saying,


At the same time, a bunch of guys rushed out of the Gents. They looked pale. This was their story …

Again, the design of the Gents was similar to the Ladies. 5 cubicles, and the guys took 4, leaving the 2nd one alone, bcos there was someone inside.

The guy in the 1st cubicle, while bathing, heard chantings in the 2nd cubicle. He finished his bath and went over to the 2nd cubicle. It was not locked. He opened the door to the 2nd cubicle. And he saw a bald man, back facing him, chanting. The blood veins on his head looked as if they are going to burst. YET, the guy, who was another smart alec, went forward to ask,

“Oei! Wat are u doing here? At this hour?!”
The bald man just said, “Go away.”
The guy continued pestering the bald man, and that man kept on saying,
“Go away.” Until one point.

The bald man turned around and opened his eyes to look at the guy. He seemed normal, but the guy was actually shivering. There seemed to be an inexplicable evil force suppressing the guy. By now, the whole bunch of guys have dashed out of the Gents.

Believe me, the cops were actually called in. Witnesses said that the policemen arresting the bald man were also shivering.

Conclusion? The bald man was performing an out-of-body procedure. He was in the Gents, but his soul went to the Ladies …

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