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Ghost Rider

It was around 2am when i came back from bbq at east coast. I was riding on my new R1 bike which cost $28k. I was on my way back to Tampines via ecp. I nearly dozed off while riding so i shoot off. At the same time i tested my machine as well. It went above 296km/h on my meter. It was a straight road with no traffic at all. Then out of a sudden, there was another bike which passed me very fast, and i mean damn fast. I tried to chase that bike. As i got closer, the rider simply made a right turn. We are on the expressway mind you! How can he be turning right?

I e-brake and looked hard at the place he made the turn. There were only road divider and no opening. I was confused and i just went home. The next day, i told my friend about the incident and they said it was the ghost rider. Then i thought to myself, not bad ah, i went racing with a GHOST.

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