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Mt Ophir

This happened in March this year can’t exactly remember the date. I followed an expedition to Mt. Ophir with my old secondary school.

As we arrived at the foot and started to get ready to climb. One of the guys, N, said that ” I think it is raininng up there” but one of the teachers quikly snapped..’no it won’t rain let it stay this way.” So we started climbing.

We reach base camp at bout 5.30 pm. Everybody was dead beat as it was a hard climb. But we were too excited looking at the waterfall that everybody rush towards it. Then came the whistle blow for us to asssemble. We have to prepare dinner.

Suddenly without any warning a downpour came down. We tried hard to cook it the heavy rain. The guys help by covering us with the ponchos. It then rain throughout the night.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, Mr Teo, my teacher, came to my tent and open the door flap as he says that there is no ventilation. It was eerie outside as I slept by the entrance. When I look outside, I saw a square misty figure up in the trees. Man am I scared.

The next day we all pack up and head for the peak. As we climb, I noticed that some malay guys keep swearing all the way up. Everybody tuck in early when we reach the peak.

Then the next morning, all the stories that happen the other night submerged. One chinese guy who slept opposite the chinese gals tent saw two gals coming out of the tent in the wee hours of the morning. Brushing it to be the gals going out to pee, he just ignore them but, they found out that the gal did not leave their tents at all.

Then came the malay guys who can’t stop swearing all the way. Their tent was shook up so hard that even some of pegs came off the ground. In the middle of the night behind their tent, in the bushes they heard someone boiling water as if preparing a meal.

And the best part is at the rangers’ tent. That night someone actually kept popping it’s head in and out of the tent throughout the night. Even one of my cadets told me that she heard footsteps walking around our tent in the middle of the night. The carbide lamps went off one by one before the incidents happen. The rangers told us that it could be the doings of Nenek Kebayan. So the next time ppl please watch your mouth when you go to a sacredplace like this.

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