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The White Figure

It was my friend 21st birthday…let’s call her E. As I am the only secondary school friend that came for the bbq that is held at downtown east, I decide that i should bring my then ex-boyfriend along..for company…after eating all the good food, we kinda felt bored and hence my ex-boyfriend (let’s call him A)suggest that we go down for a walk..we call all our friends who is at work and ask them if they want to go along, but none of them wants to as they are busy..

As we were about to go off, my friend call me and say that it going to be 12 and she is cutting her cake soon, therefore, we stayed for the cake cutting. After the cake cutting, A and me decide to go the beach. There is a beach at the back of Downtown east about 10 mins walk…somewhere near the bungalow. We walk hand in hand slowly. There were quite a number of people considering the time.

We chose a quiet spot somewhere right at the end far from the others. I took a seat and A sat beside me. Barely a few minutes later A decide that we go back, I told him that we just arrive but he insist.

So we went off. As we walk back I found that the place is very quiet unlike just now. Then i realise that A’s lips are bloodshot red. I panic( like a true lover) ask him what’s wrong but he told me to shut up and just walk. Then I sense that something is wrong. So I just walk on.

At one of the split walkway, we were stopped by a bat. The bat flew around a us circling us while looking at us with bloodshot eyes. I was begginning to be scared. But A was brave. He just grab my hand and walk on. After that we heard a rustling sound at the bushes behind us. He remind me not to look back. I being the big mouth asked why? He just say keep quiet this is not our place and we should respect that.

After we pass the brigde, things became more tense. Our of fright tears roll down my cheeks. A just console me and joke around as if nothing happen. Then when we reach the chalet A’s lips were back to normal. I ask him what happen just now but he just say nothing.

A few months later..we were helping my mon at a wedding(mom’s a caterer) we tell ghost stories. I remembered this story and asked him about that night. Then he told me the truth. As we were sitting at the bench, he saw a huge white figure staring at us with folded arms as if asking us to leave. That’s why he decide to leave and the figure followed us because it knew that i was scared. Gosh…

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