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Rural Malaysia

In the rural areas of Malaysia the roads are pretty dangerous; the terrain is rough and there are many bends that might be potentially hazardous to drivers/riders and pedestrians alike. One such bend claimed the life of an unfortunate rider one day… but as if that’s the end of the story…

So this poor guy did not have his helmet on when he was riding his scooter and he was like flung way off his bike and the impact must have split his skull. So brain, blood, juices and all they splattered onto the road. In no time onlookers were gathered while the ambulance was summoned… still not the end of the story…

Then, out of no where this old woman appeared and walked towards the poor man, who was obviously quite dead by then. Strange, as most pple would rather just observe such gory details from a distance. Nevertheless, this old woman, dishevelled and sinister looking, quietly squat down besides the corpse and took something out from her sleeves. In her hand was a lime. She proceeded then to split the lime in half and dabbed them on the blood and brain juices/matter that were spilled all over the road. She then took the soaked lime halves and put them into her mouth and sucked hard at watever was soaked by the fruit. Nonchalantly she continued her actions while horrified onlookers stared in disbelief. Satisfied, she then moved away quietly without looking at anyone in the crowd. From the beginning till the end of this ghastly drarma no one dared to stop her, or at least no one tried.

My friend explained that the old woman was most probably a witch, a disciple of the devil who practised abominable deeds. In malaysia and many other southeast asian countries it seems people have great fear of such characters. Black magic and other supernatural aspects are very real concerns to many there. I have many more such stories to tell so keep your contributions pouring in and i would very soon submit more grisly tales in exchange.

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