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Actually before i tell u any true stories of mine there is an important point i have to make. The story about Punggol Beach is real because I myself went there fishing with my friends in the afternoon and it feels spooky even then. Like your club, my friends and i too like to explore such “things” . Here is a reccomendation for your team.

Once my friends and i explore an old deserted church just next to the Woodbridge hospital. On the inside there were nothing except for burn marks. Surprisingly there is some kind of red cloth hanging along the corridor. My suspicion suggest that there might be an occult group(satanism) using the place as their hideout. Your team should really check out the place and take some pictures of it. It is really one hell of a spooky place to be in. Anyway ,the story about sounds of hell is hard to believe but it is true. My distant uncle was an undertaker a few years back and once told me about his encounter when he was digging a new grave. Here it goes………..

One fine day ,he received a call from a Tan family saying that they are booking a space in the graveyard. So my uncle was instructed to dig a new grave. He found a space next to a woman’s grave and dig into it. After reaching 7 feet down he suddenly heard cries of help from the next grave. My uncle ran a marathon after that encounter.

One more thing,according to my sources(my mum,dad and grandparents),Bidadari used to be a place famous for those ladies in white(pontianak). They were spotted there most times. There is a great story for your team. HOw i wished i could be on your team too. Good luck on your adventure to Bidadari.

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