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What Kind of Prayers?

Have you ever being in any situation where you think prayers might help? According to believers, prayers are your weapons when you are crossing path with the unknown forces.

For the buddsist, it would be the famous Namo Amitabha. If you’re a Thai buddhist, you would prefer a Namotassa Pakawato Arahato Samassa Puuttassa. For buddhist there are also one famous chanting line that reads Om Mani Bemei Hong.

For christians, it would be “In the name of Jesus Christ, i demand…..amen”. According to a friend who is a devoted christian and a keen reader of exorcist stories, he said some of the phrases should only be used commensurate to your strength and ability to handle the unknown. Meaning if you don’t know what you’re using even if it is a powerful “weapon”, it can have adverse effect. This is liken to giving you a car and you didn’t know how to drive it.

But according to a show spirit documentary show, it said there is a universal phrase that would work almost every single time. “sorry sorry please don’t hurt me” and the ghost will leave you alone because apparently they were once human too so can be forgiving too! So if one day you need to use, which phrase will be your choice?

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