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Third Guards

Here is one story of mine. I was in 3rd Guards camp which was beside the Armour unit, the very ulu one in CCK. On the day of my parent visiting day as i was resting in my bunk as i was on attn B. The rest of the platoon was doing fatigue at the grounds preparing for the parents to come in. Feeling bored i took my ciggy and walked to the yellow box. As its at the other end of the corridor, i needed to walk pass several class rooms and its one of those with long window panes. As i walk pass, from the corner of my eyes, i saw something white standing at a corner of the room, i immediately turn my head and see clearly but it suddenly slips under the bed. Cold sweats running through my spine and i was wondering what the hell was that.

After finished smoking when i was walking back i tried looked into the window again as i was passing by that classroom and to my horror i saw a white fog standing at the corner of the room except that this time it was swinging from left to right etc. I was freaked out and i ran for my life.

When my bunkmates returned, i revealed to a few what i encountered earlier and they said they had heard of that room being haunted and so from then on we’re always careful whenever we were passing that room.

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