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Jin Kafir

This story happens when i was doing my ITP, an attachment programme conducted by my Poly. I was sent to this Big Retail Company.

Well, on that night, i was on the 2nd shift which started from 10am to 9pm. It was 8.30pm and i was waiting for the time to go home and i was adamant to finish my work before i go home. At that time I was left alone in the office to finish my work, it was the first time i was left alone in the office. The structure of the office was such it was near to another department’s office and the IT room. Small lanes joint these 3 departments. And at that time i was really really alone, the IT Department is closed and the staff in the other department are all out.

As i was typing, i heard drummings on the styrofoam above me. It can’t be water spilling because it really drums like this, drum dum dum drum dum dum dum. I am quite a “sensitive” girl and can feel that something is trying to scare me. So i gather up my courage and shout out that whatever that thing is trying to do won’t make me stop doing my work. Then i heard as if somebody is sitting on one of the computer chair as it makes the “squek” sound and i also heard a faint breathing sound.

I remember my mom told me that “Ayat Kursi” is very helpful when i encounter these things, so i startered to chant my prayer. That is when i feel a cold big hand, holding my head and shoulder. I jump up from my seat grab my handbag and get out of the office. I saw my senior on the sale floor and tell her that i’m not feeling well and need to go home, she says that i look very pale so advises me to go home and have a good rests.

Well, the drumming and breathing never stops (while i was there for 2 whole month) but at least the hand thingy did. I opted not to be sent to that company again for my next ITP. I’m praying hard for it!

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