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Have you seen a doppelganger before? I saw once, really really scary.

Alright, to start it off, they say that once you see a doppelganger the person whom the doppelganger imitates is doomed to either die very soon, or come down with a serious accident. This is of course a myth, but I’m seriously freaked out now…

Alright to start it off I was lazily walking around Chinatown cause I was bored and had nothing to do at home. Then I noticed someone whom had the exact same clothes on as me, which was jeans, a long white sleeve and black clothes. What was funny was that he had the same hairstyle as me, the Short and spiky kind.

I thought it was rather weird so I tailed him. He seemed to know his way pretty well and stopped to browse some lady’s clothing, I managed to get a glimpse of his face. And to my very surprise.

He was Me.

He seemed to have noticed me because he looked at me straight in the eyes and grinned. Before disappearing into the crowds. I tried to follow him but he simply vanished.

I shrugged at that moment, maybe I was just plain tired *which I was* So I decided to head back to Chinatown point and catch a train home from there. As I was crossing the street, I saw ‘him’ again. This time he was walking towards me, grinning all the while as I walked towards him. We stopped directly in front of each other.

“What the hell…”

I murmured. But he simply grinned and continued walking past me. I swore he brushed shoulders with me, he felt solid.

That’s when I realised the light was going red, I quickly dashed the remaining part of my journey across the road. When a speeding car brushed past me at a hair’s breadth. I was so close that its side mirror managed to get a good swipe at my stomach.

I just stood there a little dumbfounded, the driver quickly got out of his car and apologized. I muttered if was nothing to worry about and just sat down. The driver wanted to make up for it but I simply said it was fine, he left soon enough.

I cautiously made the rest of my way back to my house. Only when I entered my room did I feel safe.

I nearly could’ve gotten seriously injured or could’ve died. Just to let you know its was a blazing 2 pm in the heat. Don’t question why I was wearing long sleeves in that weather. I myself have no idea to my queer tastes.

Question is, why did I see a doppleganger of myself?

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