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The Dormitory

I’m use to worked for a Japanese base construction company one year ago, we would have to travel from one place to another depending on the location of the project. If we are lucky, we get to go to a project in the city. Sometimes, some project are deep in the jungle and we would have to stay in wooden house near the jungle ( rented by the company ). All my first few projects were in the cities, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Singapore. The story started when I was transfer to Melaka…..

I was not use to small town, I first day of reporting for work was terrible. The project site was not hard to find, being a relatively major project in a relatively small town, I spot my company logo from a distance. After first of work, I was brought to the company dormitory by one of my colleague. The company rented four double-story terrace in a near by housing estate. Each engineer one room, four rooms one house. Being late for reporting in, I wasn’t given the privilege of choosing which house or room to stay. The four house wasn’t connected but still within walking distance. Being the only room of the furthest house, it was dark and quiet.

My other house-mates was hardly in. I stay in the third room on the second floor, the other two rooms was always locked because the person staying in it prefer to travel another hour to go back K.L. most of the time. Being a staff of a well establish Japanese company, we were given fully furnished house with air-conditions and part-time maid in the day. I would buy a lot of VCD movies and watch until I fell asleep. It all started in my first week..

One morning, I notice a black cat died in the porch and the next day a crow died on the roof of the house. That same night, while I was asleep. I woke up suddenly by a sudden graze of long hair on my neck. I was sleeping facing the wall when this happen. It felt as if something with long hair was sleeping behind me. I did not turn around, suddenly the part of the bed behind me began to sink down as if someone was lying on it. Somehow, I couldn’t move or yell.

I struggle hard to yell and manage to call the name of my God, slowly words could come out from my mouth and I did not stop calling the name of my God. Suddenly I saw a shadowy image lifting up from the wall. As if the shadow cast by the thing behind me. At the same time I heard a scary sound of an animal like roar. It disappear after that but I did not stop praying for as long as I can remember.

It did not stop there. Doors were always banging open and close with the absent wind. Sometimes I would hear noise coming from the locked rooms. When I am in my room, I would hear noise of furniture being drag across the living room. From then onwards I started switching on the light when I sleep. But this did not stop it! Middle of one night, I was woke up by the strong vibration of my bed. It felt like an earth quake in Malaysia. But the bed is the only thing vibrating. After it vibrated for around five second I was pin to the bed again. It really help to yell out loud.

On many occasion I would have this same nightmare, this middle age lady with her daughter in the house. By appearance their complexion is normal but they wear paper cloths. The daughter would flashes within the house. They would come out from this door in the middle of the staircase wall. The weirdest thing is that my dream seem so real and I could just wake-up instantly without feeling tired. (like the blink of an eye)

I couldn’t take it anymore, I told my housemate and he requested some stuff from a temple and we burn it in each room and paste some at strategic location. The strange occurrence just stopped after that. But there was an expiry date on the things we used. Six month later the power slowly wear off and strange incidents reappear. I move out from that house when one of the other house was available. The new room at the other house was wonderful. Now, my Melaka project is completed and I when to work for another Japanese company near my house in my home town ( city ) and I don’t have to travel around anymore.

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