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Black Magic

I’m going to write my view about using black magic and the gray zones, how people fall in that trap and the consequences. Most folks have got the wrong picture about black magic and they are not aware that even once you curse somebody with dirty speech you enter the field of black magic.

Let’s just choose a subject very popular with young people – which of course doesn’t mean old people don’t have those problems – lets choose relationships and broken hearts. For example there is somebody who had a relationship but it broke due to which reason ever. Lets say this person still is clinching on the former partner and just refuses to let go.(besides this behavior is contrary to Lord Buddhas teachings and has a lot to do with the I )

“Solutions” and attempts to solve the pain with possible consequences:

Case 1
The couple has been married and there are children. The one who is interested in keeping the relation goes to a monk and asks for help in what form ever (direct intervention, amulet, a.s.o)

This is a form of white magic (but don’t oversee still magic) as it is in most cases very much in range of the will of the higher worlds and brings healing instead of destruction in so far the relation has been disturbed due to other rather “black” influences. (self-center ism, uncontrolled lust of the partner a.s.o).

So I would say if no other solution this is a possible way to go but should carefully considered and only be a LAST attempt and should only taken if there is really no other opportunity left.
(Of course it depends on the case itself and if there is something like abuse or drugs or other problems)

To perform help in this case is an easy task and brings even merrits if it is done right.

Case 2
Somebody got hurt in heart or in pride and Ego – there is no marriage, no children.

The person is hurt and thinks he/she isn’t unable to live without the lost partner (rather a psychologic problem than a spiritual one).

The person is looking for revenge and because of this is so blind that he or she really does confuse love with pure hatred. (sometimes not easy to look in a clear mirror).
That person goes to a monk in order to get the person back and uses magic.

You have to know that not every Ajahn or Monk will help you. And for the case you wonder: “An Ajahn, a monk – if it is so bad why they do it then ?”

First – you really have to search for them as there are not many who really can AND do it and, well, it’s kinda a business of the higher world. The person pities you and so they help you – even if they see you are wrong – to calm your suffering which let them gain merit.

Mostly those people have enough (Damma) and if they are able to outbalance this practise with the deities they are using – they go on.
(There is much more behind than you think – as the guys my description doesn’t fit do just dirty black magic with much more serious consequences).

For 2a
Ok lets say you got your help, than you are (in this case) at fault and as you used higher powers to change the normal way of things – you have to pay a price for it (the Ajahn or monk too – but they have other ways and more power to outbalance it for the sake of building a new school or a new Phrang.

(— do you fast ?!? do you keep chastity? — do you chant and meditate everyday for hours ?!?! do you care for the sick and bury the death ?! – that’s what I mean.)

So now, let’s say it works, and in the most cases done by a real Ajahn or monk who knows what he does – it will.

For this case you have to know that Karma will try to regain the balance and something will happen which might make you not so happy. Maybe the women/man just have a lack (behavioral or physical) you didn’t see before – in an easier case and which gives you a hard time, but maybe it comes harder and they get sick (wheelchair ?!?!) – maybe Karma will be just doing fun with you and sending you the “love of your life” in form of another person!

So now you are really at risk as the higher laws really check on you how serious you have been with your love!

If you not keep and care your (due to black magic) gained relation (as your “partner” is kinda forced to it) and you do anything knowing or subconsciously which leads to an end of the from You “forced” relationship the price will be very, very high. (faj is babbling? Just wait and see). You might get a much higher nightmare in the new relationship (first great love and desire – later loss due to death?!), or your children have to pay for you over their own Karma which of course hurts you – the Damma – Karma balance and justice can be very, very hard but is never unfair.

For case 2b,
Well, there are persons who just want their ex-partners or others “responsible for their pains” to be punished and so use black magic to just hurt them.

The price for those will be very high and goes to insanity – and it is TOTALLY contrary to the teaching Buddhism and Christendom – and if you find yourself on this road you have to know you are far far far from wisdom.

(What do you think the GIANT teach about love and forgiveness the way of Damma ?!)

Basically you have to know that whoever has a balanced spiritual life and prays, meditates and chants regularly (in other words has a lot of Damma), are protected of a strong influence of black magic.

(As modern humanity mostly worships consume and money – it’s easy to cast a black spell on them – they are just empty vessels who are taking what ever trash is coming along).

So for you to know after a black spell works, the “loved person” won’t be normal either. Mostly there are abnormalities in the awareness of the partners then. Partners can even get insane or get addicted – – well I mentioned this on the top.

The persons who use black magic in this case are attached in the same way by it as the person who was the aim of the practice.

With spiritual eyes you can clearly see a “black” cloud who blurs the vision to such kind of people and those clouds normally does not seize a person easily- as long he or she does not commit him/herself to it (which you do once you go to a practitioner).

When he/she associates with black magic, both people who cast black magic spell and who is cast with the spell will be covered by it onto their bodies and faces automatically.

“Compared to playing mud, the one who smears mud on another person must also be stained.

Worse than that is casting black magic to another person is like you poison him which means we do not really love them (for our case example) because people who love each other won’t poison or give black magic to beloved ones.

So esp due to selfishness, craziness and infatuation, some people take black magic as their refuge, and it is difficult to withdraw themselves after they have associated with it.

This will give calamities to their work, finance and people around them. Even though they get somebody they love, but they actually got only their bodies, not their love (hearts).

Besides, people around them will not want to get close to them (even if they have no 3th eye, normal human instinct is enough to feel it) even though they do not tell others about what they have done.

Only really crazy people would do so and even boost with it as they are blind and which is another hint in which mud hole you will slide – once you took that “rope” as a solution in your hands.

Many people who associate with black magic become penniless and insolvent because of the black magic mysterious power (I would call it because of the perfect justice of Damma and Karma).

People who cast black magic spell and who is cast the spell on will lose their mind, their work will not go well, they will encounter miseries, and nobody will give them a hand, which will put them deeper and deeper in the fangs of their own practice over which they more and more loose mind. The pitiest thing is that they are not aware of it.

I know that then it will be very hard to find a good monk to help you out of your misery, as they don’t want to play with you in the mud and as they see that you are responsible for what you suffer.
They only help the victims of such practice, which has to be done by a real monk or priest and ranges from easy to difficult.

Long speech but maybe just a beginning of a discussion (although my time is short) and maybe a hint for some people to seek help and to stop.
But then – to deep in the “mud”, caught up by lies and guided from that little overshadowed EGO, you might not really understand the message.

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