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A Taxi Driver

This is a real story spread among Singapore taxi drivers.

It was about 7.30 pm in Chinese New Year’s eve. Taxi driver Ah Tan, a 60-year-old man, lived in Bedok Reservoir Rd, was rushing back home to celebrate the family dinner.

He happened to pass by a remote path somewhere near Punggol. That used to be a farm village but has been deserted for a few years. There were altogether four bus-stops along the roadside.

While he was driving along the path, he saw a young lady at the bus-stop flagging for his taxi. At first, he wanted to take the lady but he was going to be late for his dinner. Being a person particular for punctuality, he decided not to take this customer. Then he carried on driving. To his surprise, there was another lady flagging him down. This time he felt familiar because she was wearing a red T-shirt and black skirt but due to fading light, he could not see her face.

When he passed by the third bus-stop, he felt a bit of horror as another lady was flagging him again, in the same red and black clothes! How would a lady moves faster than the wheels? The distance between two stops is about 0.8 KM away! This time, he really felt horrible and stepped the accelerator harder. When passing the fourth one, a lady charged at his car!

He was driving at least at the speed of 100 KM/H! The lady flew over his vehicle and dropped inside a drain next to the bus-stop. Ah Tan cried out due to extremely horror! The victim once again in red and black clothes.

Ah Tan felt so bad and had no mood celebrating New Year.

Finally, he decided to report to the police. The body in red and black skirt was found, it was a young Chinese lady aged between 20 to 25 year old. Ah Tan’s horror got attested. The lady’s cause of death is not by car accident but stabbed by sharp object! She had been dead for about three days, the body already started to decay.

After the police statement, Ah Tan thought of the whole things had been over.

Of course the police snickered at his initial statement and made him do another ‘credible’ one.

One week later, Ah Tan’s horrible feeling had lessen. What a coincidence, he striked first prize 4-D for his taxi number plate. He won a big sum of money, he was so delighted in this, but unfortunately he fell down in the bath room and fractured his right arm. He was admitted to Changi hospital.

In the hospital, he started to have nightmare night after night. A young lady, in red and black skirt, kept calling him “Ah Peh, li di si lo lai?” (Uncle, when are you coming down?). He really cannot tolerate to it anymore.

Moreover, the inflammation started on his wound. Luckily, one of his friend who is a Taoist priest suggested to give up his stake’s money instead of plead for ‘safety’. He told Ah Tan that the lady ghost is gnawed by serious grievances and has become a ferocious spirit.

Since she could not avenge the murderer due to some reasons, Ah Tan chosen to be the ‘scapegoat’ for her rebirth’. The 4D winning stake is to exchange for his life!

After a battle of mind, the lady still disturbed him in the meanwhile, with a shattered nerves he decided to give up his $100,000 to The Charity Community Chest. Strange enough, he recovered from the illness rapidly.

Everything seemed to be over, but a short period after his discharged, his wife striked 4-D again, the stake amount is also $100,000! This is because, one day, his wife went market and bought some vegetable, she saw the wrapper was the used newspaper which reported the young lady’s murder case. Strangely, there was four numbers on it, and his wife bet on and striked. After a fierce argument between them, Ah Tan failed to convince his wife to donate the money. A deep worry began to burden Ah Tan when his wife started puzzle head and like to put on red T-shirt and black skirt. She seemed to go mad and the temper got hotter and hotter.

One morning, she suddenly told Ah Tan that the life is meaningless’.

This time Ah Tan was decisive, he gave up all the money immediately. He brought his wife to the temple and asked the monks to release the young lady’s souls from purgatory.

After this incident, he stop buying 4-D or involves in all kinds of gambling.

Not long ago, he’d also gave up his taxi-license.

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