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A Helpless Spirit

Yesterday, 1st April 08, I got home after fetching my girlfriend “a thai” from her work place. My girlfriend works at a pub as a waitress. A client gave her a $15 tips and she found the money is very fragrant. She kept sniffing it and telling it to one of her friends. we went to have supper and got home around 0205hrs. I am staying at Bedok Reservoir Road near Kaki Bukit. I parked my car at Jln Punai, where is near my residence. From there, my girlfriend and i would have to take a short cut, which is a grass patch less than 10 meters there are man made steps and a metal ladder for us to get down to the public carpark.

After climbing off the ladder to the public car park, i support her just in case she fell off the ladder. My Girlfriend started to pick up her walking pace. i tried to catch up with her and unable to. Eventually i called her name. She didn’t responded when i called her name. Once, twice. And the third time she responded, she stopped and turned around. I talked to her and she responded but physically she looks drunk. I asked her did she drink? and she said no. What about drugs? And replied no. I got frustrated and pulled her along with me and stopped at a provision shop to buy her favorite drink before we went home.

I didn’t suspected anything and i just only plainly thought that she was drunk. She sat on my bed and just stared at the walls of my room. I told her to change to her pajamas and go to bed. She didn’t responded to it at all. I have to change for her and ask her to sleep. I only suspected that my girlfriend wasn’t her at all went i asked her why she stared at the ceiling and she only replied that she is already sleeping. I called to one of her colleague and asked her did my girlfriend took anything or drink anything while she was at work and her colleague replied negatively. I told her colleague about the situation. Her colleague then offer to make a trip down over to my place.

While waiting for her colleague to come over, i tried speaking to my girlfriend and she spoke weird speeches that she, herself would never say before. Something like “…. I am hungry and cold…. I have no clothes…. I see many people eating but the didn’t ask me to join them…. I tried calling them but none of them responded to my calls… I am lonely… ” She has her pajamas on and cover with a thick blanket. I took in my Buddhist article and started to chant. I lighted a incense and started praying in my room. My girlfriend shouted ” If you pray buddha, i will leave this place” I didn’t responded to her and continue to chant on. My girlfriend then closed her eyes and i continued to chant on for the next 20 mins.

When her colleague and another friend of my girlfriend came, she could not recognized them at all. Her colleague manage to get hold of one monk’s number and she spoke to the monk asking for advice to help my girlfriend.

The spirit finally confess that her name is Susan and she was looking for her mother for the past 16 years. She claimed that her mom abandoned her after giving birth to her. She was being dumped into a bag with a cloth wrapped around her and left there. Ever since, she has been staying there. We continued to ask her where does she stay and her reply was i am staying at a tree. We told the monk and the monk ask us to bring her back to the tree before 5 am. And we did manage to bring her back to the tree on time but the spirit was weeping while going back to her tree. I manage to locate the tree which was near the shortcut we took earlier. Therefore, I have a very strong reason to believe that her body might still be around that area though it might be 16 years ago. I made a promised “maybe empty” to help her to find her mother believed that she is currently in her early thirties “33 years old”.

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