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The Scratch

This frightening incident happened to me about 2 years ago when I was expecting my first child. Until today, I’m not sure whether what I have experienced is just a dream or real. Maybe you readers can tell me.

I was working as an executive secretary to the company’s director in Jurong Island, so sometimes when my department’s having a committee meeting which is normally held after office hours i.e. from 6 pm to 8.00pm, I would have to stay back and take down minutes of the meeting.

On that day, the meeting finished later than usual i.e. at 9.30pm. I was by then, feeling very lethargic and exhausted as I was already in my 39th week of pregnancy (9 months). I called my husband and whilst waiting for him, I sat at the lobby with a friend who accompanied me.(the whole office by then is already vacant). I needed to go to the toilet.

There were 2 cubicles in the toliet. One was strangely locked. My friend knocked on the door but no one answered. She bent down to see if there was anybody in the toilet but there were no legs meaning nobody, right?

I didn’t think much of it as the cleaner will normally lock the door if the toilet is choked pending repair. As I was just about to sit on the toilet bowl, I heard flushing sound from the other cubicle. I grew scared but assured myself that my friend must have found a way to open the locked door. Strangely, I did not hear the door being opened. I got up and went out. My friend was standing at the door, looking very pale and staring blankly at the locked cubicle. I looked at her and began wondering, if my friend is outside there, then who’s inside and flushing. My hair stood on their ends and that’s when a very strong and sickening smell of frangipanni seeped through the toilet. I felt choked by the smell. My friend regained her senses and quickly grabbed me out of the toilet. We ran towards the lobby and luckily, my husband was already there waiting for us. He took one look at our frightened faces and quickly asked us to get into the car and sped home. All the while in the car, he coached my friend and I to read Quranic verses until we felt better.

I felt relieved when I reached home. After showering and saying my prayers, I quickly fell asleep.

I found myself in a jungle. I heard a woman’s voice singing. I pushed thru’ some thick overgrown bushes and found a woman in a small pond singing and enjoying herself in the water that was filled with many flowers. The smell was sickening. She was in a white gown with long, matted hair. She had very dark eyebags and bloodshot eyes. She saw me and I froze. She beckoned me to her and said that the water is nice. She wanted me to join her. I kept staring at her. I was transfixed. She beckoned me again and I suddenly found myself walking towards the pond. As I got nearer, her smile grew wider and revealed her fangs. I tried to stop myself but it is as though I wasn’t in control of my movement. I stopped right in front of the pond and lo and behold, she floated out of the pond and glided towards me. She was only inches away from me. Her face was partially covered by her messy hair. I could not make out the rest of her face except for her bloodshot eyes and fangs. She came towards me with outstretched arms and began caressing my tummy. I wanted to run but I couldn’t. She pointed one finger with her sharp nails and from the top of my stomach slowly scratched its way down. I cried out in pain and was awaken by my husband. My sleeping gown was covered in blood and I started having labour pains. My husband saw the blood and panicked. He took off my gown and saw the single scratch that caused the bleeding. He said some prayers under his breath, wipe the blood and changed my clothing. I was in excruciating pain. He got me down to the car and that’s when the smell of frangipanni started to seeped through us again. My husband put me in the car, started to read some Quranic verses, and the smell faded away and we could hear the famous laughter reaping thru’the nite.

We got to the hospital safely and 1/2 an hour later, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The doctor enquired about the scratch but I could not answer her. Hoe could I tell her? Would she have believed me if I did? But she did help to clean the wound as the scratch was pretty deep. The scratch mark on my tummy is still visible now. How did I get it?

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