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Chalet Spooky Incident

This happened few months ago while I was in a birthday chalet with my friends, it was around 0000 hours when 4 of us were playing mahjong, one of my friends (call him A) was sitted next to me and was counting cards as we were switching from mahjong to poker after that round. He counted several times and said that the deck was short of one card. After that round of mahjong, I counted the deck myself and sure enough, it was short of a card. I then spread the deck out and realized the missing card was the 7 of diamond. I then got a joker card to replace the 7 of diamond.

We then started playing and as I was dealing the cards, I looked over to see my friend’s (call him B) and was surprised to see the 7 of diamonds inside (the actual card itself and not the joker card). I then gathered all the cards back and counted once more and sure enough, the deck consists of 53 cards now including the joker and 7 of diamond. We then joked around that there is a “brother” together with us in the chalet and as I was shuffling the cards again, the 7 of diamond dropped out from the deck, which stunned everyone.

Coincidental stuffs continued to happen such as mahjong tile dropping to the floor which turned out to be the 7 WAN and a dice mysteriously dropping from the back of my friend when there was no one else behind him. One of my friends then suggested that I shuffle the deck and stop when he tells me to and flip open the 7th card from the top. When he asked me to stop shuffling and as I was about the reveal the 7th card, I said “if you are here, let this card be the 7 of diamond” and sure enough, it was the 7 of diamond. All of us immediately ran to the sofa nearby and all was speechless. I know that this wasn’t a prank of any sort as I was the one holding onto the deck the whole time.

The creepy part…there were exactly 7 of us in the chalet at that time.

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