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Something Following Me

10 years ago, I shifted house to a condo at Hume Avenue. As it is hilly, it’s good for jogging especially if you wanna train for marathon / 2.4km good timing. At that time, the condos along Hume Avenue were newly built, so not all were fully occupied, and also, the whole area around it was still quite undeveloped, unlike now.

Anyway, if you jog along Hume Avenue, you will hit Upper Bukit Timah Road eventually, and if you jog down UBT Road, you will pass the Ford Factory and reach Lorong Sesuai.

Being new to the area (I was previously staying at Pasir Panjang, another haunted place), I was jogging to Lor Sesuai for the first time. I remembered it was a week day night and around 10pm. When I reached Lor Sesuai, I realised it was a long stretch of uphill road. And it was eerie looking, with trees on either side a lonesome road. The trees foliage were so thick they covered the view of the skies and stars.

Anyway, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to jog up the road and see where it gets me. Less than a minute jogging uphill, that’s when ….

I smelted a strong fragrant scent. Siao liao lor, I thought. Then the goose pimples on my arms started to stand and I knew I shouldn’t be there. So I stopped and turned back and head down towards the main road (Upper BT Road). While running back down, at the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a white shadow with dark long hair standing in the trees / bushes at the side of the road.

Even more panicked. But finally ran till I reached UBT Road. And I turned left to run back to Hume Avenue.

I thought the scary part was over but I was wrong. While running back, I could still smell the fragrance, and every once in a while, at the corner of my eye, I thought I could see a white shadow standing amongst the trees and bushes! Remember 10 years ago, that whole place was damn ulu. Actually even now. A lot of trees on either side of UBT road.

More panicking and I was tired from jogging. Whatever strength I had quickly run back to my condo. Finally reached Hume Avenue. SAME THING! Fragrant smell, and shadow in white. It was following me!

And when I reached my condo, quickly ran past the guard house and through the condo to my block.

I quickly pressed for the lift to take me upstairs. Then I smell the fragrance again. I was really panicking already. This thing followed me all the way back home! I was so scared, I was afraid it might appear in the lift with me. So I didn’t dare go into the lift. But at the same time, I didn’t dare loiter in the lobby for fear it will appear.

Luckily, as I was hesitating and panicking, I saw some neighbours coming back home from work and walking towards me, also going up back to their apartments. So relieved! And immediately, the fragrant smell dissipated too! So I guess I escaped something bad following me home. Good thing the neighbours lived on a higher floor than I, so when we took the lift up, I got out first.

That night, I turned on the aircon, and shut the curtains to sleep. Nothing happened although I didn’t really sleep well because I was so scared. But after that, I didn’t dare jog to Lor Sesuai anymore. I just jog the other way along Hillview Avenue to Bt Batok and back.

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