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Careless Joke

This is no joke, but a very serious torment suffering for a man for more than thirty years. This man is a close family member of mine therefore I cannot disclose his identity.

Nobody can ever imagine the pain he has suffered in the past thirty years, and very likely it will continue in the future years, all the way to his final day of his life. This is a real case. This man (let us call him Ah Ming) sleeps in a narrow gap on the floor between the wall and the bed. Ah Ming has a beautiful wife. But he can not sleep with her for more than thirty long years.

Regardless of the temperature hot or cold, Ah Ming always piles himself with many blankets in the narrow gap. Psychologically, he is scared of making himself vulnerable by sleeping openly and high on a bed. At the head of the narrow gap that is a bed-side table, he placed all kinds of Buddha statutes, talismans, copper-coin-sword, portraits of gods and deities; all kinds of religious ghost-busting stuff you can name.

One would wonder, is this man crazy? or something very horrifying might have happened to him. I can tell you it is the latter one. In fact, it is a bit of both. His tormenting experience would have driven any normal adult insane.

He has the same horrible nightmare almost every night for about half of his life. Persistently in his dream, after ten minutes or so he snoozed off, a female ghost would come and visit him. Nobody knows what exactly the female ghost would do it him, or what she looks like. Only Ah Ming knows best himself. He only told us about the ghost haunts him and never wants to go away.

According to his narration, the ghost is a pretty girl with long hairs. She visited him in his every dream, but sometimes when she threw tantrums, that would be his ultimate nightmare. The ghost would scratch Ah Ming’s body with her long nails, strangled him to breathless. When this happened, according to what Ah Ming said, he was not dreaming, he was awake but struggling to wake up. He would have to shout ‘ah, ah, ah…’ moving his limbs uncontrollably and his eyes were still closed. This struggle would go on as long as it takes unless somebody beside him slap his face to wake him up.

Ah Ming used to show his back to us and we could see traces of blood streaks on the back. That wouldn’t be scratched by himself because he doesn’t have sharp nails, and the scratches were on everywhere of the back including the center that is not reachable by oneself.

His poor wife confessed that they could not have a normal sex life like other couples. That is because of the female ghost that has been haunting him. If Ah Ming were to touch other woman even his own wife, the female ghost will revenge fiercely in his dream.

Throughout all the years, Ah Ming has been visiting many Chinese temples to seek help. He consulted many monks, exorcists and people with ‘special’ ability. But none of them can effectively cleanse away the ghost. On every visit to a temple, Ah Ming would have brought back some ornament or amulet that adds to his collection of talismans on his bed-side table. And of course, none of these charms help.

One would then ask, ‘How on earth did Ah Ming invite such a ghost in his nightmare?’ Everything has its cause and effect, whether you believe it or not. Now tracing back to thirty-odd years ago when Ah Meng was once a young man who was fun-loving and rashly. One day, when he was walking pass a building with his schoolmates, he witnessed a girl who jumped down from a building for suicide. The news broadcasted on the next day confirmed that she attempted suicide because of depression; her fiancé dumped her.

That girl went ‘bang’ smashing hard on the ground, right in front of Ah Meng. She did not die instantly but blood was gushing out from her slim body through her skimpy clothing.

Ah Meng carelessly made a very stupid remark: “Wow! so pretty the girl going to die like that. What a waste! How great if she can be mine.” The girl was staring at him, with her eyes wide open, till her last breath…

So now you understand why. We human wouldn’t be haunted for no reason.

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