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Not Your Daily Average Sight

Claims of The Devil, Evil spirits, Entities & often restless spirits in sight are always the most common and experienced things that some people have had. What we always do reflects upon the consequences of our actions. I’ve once joined an underground occult, I was once a satanist. What we do is always hidden from the eyes of the public. We never speak unless we are spoken to. But today, I resented my ways of evil doing and turned over a new leaf. And today, I shall share with you wonderful people my experience, not with The Devil, but rather his lesser dominions.

Many of you blame that most of the evil doings that occur to us originates from The Devil. Part of it is true and part of it is wrong. Before i begin, Some of you may not want to read this article cause it may leave you guys wondering about it and later on having nightmares and stuff, but however, if you have a strong-willed mind and would want to proceed, Please do.

Que Dios Tenga Misericordia En Mi Alma

As a satanist, we would always gather for Black Masses on Sundays and usually end up splitting into individuals after the event.

First off, I’ll like to explain what is a Black Mass.It’s actually the name given to a ceremony supposedly celebrated during the Witches’ Sabbath, which was a parody of the Catholic Mass. Its main objective was the profanation of the host, although there is no agreement on how hosts were obtained or profaned; the most common idea is that they were profaned by means of some ritual related to sexual practices. It’s to actually to prove our loyalty to The Devil.

So everytime a Black Mass is done, We would actually go home. But in this case, Something tragic happened. During the Black Mass, I noticed something strange about the atmosphere. Something wasn’t right and i could felt the presence of a heavy sin around us all. It’s so heavy that i had a headache for awhile, but soon regain my consciousness soonafter. Then lights started to flicker in front of the altar and the sacrificial tablet, followed by a small ground shakes. We thought we were all prepared for what’s coming ahead of us but soon found out that we were not.

Black smoke started scattering around the floor and we were all forced to the ground. I couldn’t get up no matter how hard i tried. I could only move my head. The smoke then started spiralling up in front of the alter fast and it soon formed a shape of a body with feathered wings and a serpent in his left hand. We were all stunned to what we saw. No words could ever described ‘It’. But i knew what was ‘It’. It’s none other than Astaroth himself. His presence made us fear for the worst and he was the Crowned prince of Hell. His wings, emits the cries and the screams of poor souls who are being tortured from Hell. His eyes, bright yellow as if the sun was built-in it. It’s said that if one were to look into his eyes, one would be blind in an instant and he would burn in eternal flames. He started saying something loudly but we were all too scared to understand what he was saying. It’s not a language from this world. And when i moved my head to have a look at his face, His eyes quickly moved to mine the moment i looked up. I quickly moved my head down. My heart was racing so fast that my visions were blur. I saw his hands and he started pointing at me and saying something. And soon my i could hear the sound that most grenades emits after the explosion, that TV static-like sound. It got louder and louder the more he was speaking, till my ears started to bleed. I coudln’t stand the pain no more and soon, i fell unconscious.

When i was in that state, I could see myself burning in Hell with Astaroth standing beside Lucifer’s throne laughing at my demise. My skin was melting away slowly and my skeleton started to shatter to bits. My flesh ripped apart by Hellhounds and i could see them chewing on it. I screamed so loud that my cries were pleasant to their eyes and that they laughed even louder. My eyes soon started melting away and soon enough, i jumped out from my bed like a ninja. I turned to look around and i was surprised to find myself at home, in my room. I looked around for my handphone and started to call other cultist. They too said they apparently just woke up and they were at home. I didn’t know what happened to the Head cultist though. But from that day onwards, i pulled myself away from the cult and started to do new things. I have repented my ways and started to do more community work. But i could never forget what happened during that day and the images that will always be on my mind.

To people who think that being in an occult and doing satan worshipping is ‘cool’, think twice. The consequences of it is much more worse than you think it will be. Let my experience be and example and to let you wonderful people that by doing a sin, bad things will come your way.

This is the end of my story, If you’ll like to ask questions or post comments, please feel free to do so.

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