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Someone In Room

My younger brother and me were studying in the same primary school in 1999. He was in the afternoon shift and I was in the morning.

One day, after my class has ended, I walked up to the front gate of the school to go back home. I saw my younger brother playing with his friends. He came up to me and told me that my eldest sister fainted in the morning and just came home from hospital before he left for school.

I came home and I saw everyone was there – my dad, mom and my sister. My sister looked weak and was lying down in the hall. That was when my mother told me what really happened on that day.

Before my sister fainted, she told her bestfriend that someone is following her. But little did we know that the ‘someone’ she was saying is not really a someone but rather – something. She fainted because she felt weak and did not get a good sleep for one whole month.

In this whole month, she has been in her room with ‘someone’ every night. On the first night that she saw this someone, she was tucking herself to bed as per normal. Somehow, she was not able to sleep that night, so she opened her eyes a bit. To her horror, there was a kid at one corner of her room. That kid was totally not me nor my brother and she thought to herself that this is no human. This particular kid is very small and very dark. The silhouette formed somewhat like a little girl with shoulder length hair. The kid seemed to be holding something in both her palms and was looking down at it and then up again to look at my sister for a couple of times. The gesture looked like as if a tourist holding a map standing in front of the correct place and checking the map to ensure that the place is correct. That was what the kid actually did.

My sister tried to brush it off thinking that it is her imaginations and just tried to sleep. The moment she went to lala land, she was woken up with the soft touch of the ‘someone’, like how a mother would love her child when her child is asleep. The ‘someone’ stroked her hair and sometimes tickled her feet. This carries on for a whole month and it is impossible for my sister to fall asleep that she had frequent migranes (which she did not inform us at that time, she just said it was normal headaches). We did not realise for that one whole month, my sister would spend a lot of time outside her room, and she only enters her room to “sleep”.

Ever morning after my sister gets up from bed, she will try to tell us about what happened and there is someone else in the room, but each time she tried, she failed. Somehow at the back of her mind, something keeps telling her that she’s just imagining things and she should just continue sleeping in the room, until that day when she really fainted in school.

Back to where I was, still in the hall from school, with my dad, mom and sister. I freaked out after hearing those things from my mom. All i was thinking was, *okay if that thing has been in her room for 1 month, and now it followed her to school before she fainted, where is that bloody thing?* Surely that someone is in the house now, looking at us talking about it. Funny thing is that I was not really surprised when she told me someone was in her room because whenever i go to her room to iron my clothes before, i would feel like there is a very very strong presence looking down at me from one corner of the ceiling.

We did not consult a medium or bomoh or any pious man regarding this. My parents decided to settle it themselves, with my sister. So that night, being a muslim, after our evening prayers (Maghrib), they went into my sister’s room. My younger brother and me was in the hall because we were told not to interfere as we were still young and might not know what they were doing. All i know was that they were praying in the room. None of them looked scared because I think the only way to get rid of these forces is by showing them that we are not afraid of them but only to our one true God.

My sister spoke to it like how we speak to each other, just that we do not hear the reply from the ‘someone’s’ mouth. My sister asked where it came from but it did not want to tell the truth about itself. One moment it said that it came from our grandmother, another point of time it said it came from the hospital. (Seriously, these evil things have tongues worst than human).

Anyway after much prayers, suddenly my sister went out of the room crying but still keeping her cool, walked towards our front door and spoke in malay. She told the ‘someone’ in front of her to leave the house and she pointed out of the door. At this point of time, the ‘someone’ is no longer a little kid! It has changed to the real self and it was a hideous womanly-looking creature with long wavy hair with a long dress. Something must have gone a little wrong and i saw my sister fell backwards and her back hit the wall. I thought she tripped backwards while asking it to leave. But actually the ‘someone’ pushed her hard and was telling her to leave with it. The ‘someone’ tried to persuade my sister to follow it to God-knows-where and then it will leave the house. Of course my sister refused. After much “conversation” with the unseen, she gave up as it was late and she was feeling tired.

She slept in my room with me that night. My mother slept in the same room too, but I was so suay that I had to sleep closest to the door. I was pretty scared and I fell asleep quite late.

Later the next morning, when i woke up, I remembered my sister feeling much better than she was and very happy. She told us that the ‘someone’ has left that same night even though it was reluctant to do so. It will visit my sister once in a while but my sister did not pay attention to that because the main issue here is that ‘someone’ is gone. Hooray for her!

My sister is now married with one kid. She lives with her husband and sister-in-law. Up to this day, I still remember what happened in this same house I am still staying even though it has happened 10 years ago. This story still freaks me out. But I am lucky that I do not have a third eye. I am still stuck at the ” thing will visit again”, my sister is no longer here, I hope it still recognises my sister and not mistaken me for her when it pays a visit.

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