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Group of 4 or 5?

Back in 1995, 4 of us teens, travelling all around singapore bored and out of places to go, we decided to head to changi for supper. feeling really bored and looking forward for some unusual fun, we decided to head towards the old changi hospital.

A taxi dropped us outside the main gate and we walked in as a group. While exploring the vicinity, 1 of my friend, Manny, felt uneasy and wanted to leave, so the rest of us decided to tag along as well as we did not want to leave him alone. we walked all the way down to the main road and flagged a taxi. the taxi driver stopped beside us, wound down the window and said he could not pick 5 people up and sped off. We shouted at the driver as he left, asking if he was blind and that there were only 4 of us here. Thinking he was disillusioned, we flagged another taxi. The driver of the next cab also wound his window down beside us and said he did not want to take the risk with 5 people as he may get suspended if caught. we tried to convince him that there were only 4 of us here. he then agreed while pointing at 1 of our friend and said “there 2 of your friends going back to chalet ah? 3 of you left only can take ma”

“3 of us?! are you blind?” i exclaimed at him.

“ya la you see your 2 friend walking back” he said calmly. The remaining of us turned behind to see that Manny was walking away towards the direction of the Old Changi Hospital while holding a shadowy figure’s hand.

We all called out at him, but never turned back. we started to give chase thinking it was someone trying to kidnap him or do “something” to him. But as we came closer, any resemblance of the shadowy figure disappeared. then 1 of us who was chasing him, placed his hand on Manny and tried to turn him around. that was when Manny fainted and got into fits.

the taxi driver came to our rescue and helped Manny onto the taxi and rushed him to CGH. We all followed suit.

Manny was admitted that night and regained consciousness the next morning. With his family around blaming us for what happened to him, Manny asked me, “what happened? why am i here?”

Manny had no memory of what happened to him once we reached the gate of the Old Changi Hospital.

we have never returned to that dreaded place since then.

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