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Messed With OuijaBoard

I learned not to mess with Ouija boards or other things similar. I was told that by fooling around with an OB, it could open the doors to the spirit world. It is also a way to attract spirits, and these spirits could linger around the place where this game was played. Not to scare you or anything, may I suggest that you say a little prayer and tell them to get lost. It’s possible that you might have an uninvited guest or two lingering about.

Well anyway, here’s another story I’d like to share. It’s not exactly about Ouija boards but it’s about something similar.

It all happened back in the early 90s. It was after school hours. A few of my classmates and I were the last kids left in school because our service was taking too darn long. Because of boredom, we decided to play spirit of the glass. Since we didn’t have the real thing, we made one. hahahahahaha* Cartolina ..wawa naman kami hahahahaaaha. And our glass? PLASTIC!! I bet no one could beat that!! *hahahahaha*

Well anyway, on with my story. We played SOG in this construction site behind our school. The construction workers had gone home for the day so we have the place (unfinished building) for ourselves. We set our jologitong make-shift board with its equally jologitong plastic cup on one of the tables and we started to play. By the time we started, it was around 6pm already, the setting sun was casting long shadows everywhere.

Nothing happened at first. I mean, we couldn’t get a signal at all. We would specifically call famous dead people and you know..nothing. So finally, one us said Anyone who would like to make contact may do so. Please give us a sign. Shortly after she said that, I heard voices. Voices of crying and screaming women and children.You’d think it’s scary but you know what though? I actually felt sad when I heard those voices. It went on for about 5 seconds, it suddenly stopped when one of the guys took his hand away and said Ayoko na. Nakakatakot na to. Nakita niyo ba yun? And he pointed at one corner of the place. I was freaked out, there was nothing at the dark corner. The guy next to him said Shadow ba nakita mo? Ako kasi may nakita akong shadow. That did it, someone screamed and next thing I know I was running with a bunch of screaming 13-year-olds and while doing so, I heard the plastic cup fall with that hollow plastic-y sound, I turned back in time to see it hit the floor and roll for a bit.

It turns out that we all heard the voices but it wasn’t the voices that scared us, it was the shadow our two classmates saw. Most of us felt like it didn’t want us to be there, you know…

I think that those voices that we heard were made by either spirits or bad/sorrowful residual memories during WW 2.

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