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A Human Shadow

I was ten yrs old (and stupid) then, my brother, sister, me and our yaya were lying down in one bed (we were still small then and we lied down horizontally with the queen sized bed so that we practically fit in it comfortably) another household help was lying down in a banig but in the same room we were sleeping, then for no apparent reason, I woke up (naalimpungatan)..then I realized that I had to go “weewee” so I was trying to wake up our yaya who was sleeping beside me to accompany me to the toilet… I didn’t know what time it was but I was pretty damn sure it was way past midnight I can still recall that night, the sound of the insects (kulisap ata o kuliglig) from the neighboring trees were so annoying then suddenly total silence that silence caught my attention and for no apparent reason I turned my head to look out the window to investigate what was going on (while still lying down in bed).

Take Note our house was lighted from the outside in such a way that any intruder’s shadow would be reflected in our window curtains) and indeed, it was a shadow that I saw, and nope its not a mere branch because its shape like a human shadow (and its moving) fear struck me because I thought that it was either a burglar or a stupid drunkard who climbed our wall and was doing something crazy but I decided to let it pass and just tell my parents about it in the morning still looking back at the window I was surprised that it (the shadow) passed by again (this time from from the other side) so I was wondering what was it up to this time (and this time my fear was changed to sudden interest in the moving shadow) so the shadow moved back and forth around ten times from the left side of the window to the right side(and vice versa) and each time it passed by our window, I was beginning to investigate the details about its form here are some of the thing I can still recall: as it passed by, I noticed that its body was growing as if a little boy’s shadow turning into a man’s shadow; the second thing was, I wasn’t hearing any footsteps nor noise about its movement; the third, (this one I can never forget) I was seeing its whole body (from head to foot) so I asked this question to myself, if this was something human (or living), isn’t it logical that I was supposed to see only half or just even a part of its body since it was supposedly walking on top of a wall or our neighbor’s rooftop and the room where I am supposedly sleeping is at the second floor of our two storey house so my final conclusion to myself was: “if I was seeing its whole body, then it must be floating or walking in air” again, fear struck me and this time the adrenaline rush in my body was so great, I think my whole body was going to explode my first instinct was to wake up the people around me by trying to shout or just stand up and run but what can I do, I was frozen by fear I swore that I was telling my mind to do something (at least move) but I was helpless I can’t move I tried to talk and knew that my mouth was moving but no sound was coming out that fear caused me to relieve myself in bed (not a natural occurrence for a ten yr old).

When it all ended, I never returned to sleep I stayed in bed at the same time closed my eyes right then and there my belief in the supernatural was and will forever b changed.

In the morning, when everybody woke-up, they were all mad at me because I messed up the bed and kept insulting me that I was too old to pee in the bed at the breakfast table, I told my dad about the matter and he concluded that it was probably a burglar or just someone gone crazy (but we didn’t lose a dime that day when we checked our things) in the afternoon, I told my yaya about what really happened and she told me that the other household help, who was supposedly sleeping on the floor in a banig, also saw the same thing (even the description was almost a perfect match) and that she was trying to wake her (my yaya)up but she was also frozen in fear I realized that I wasn’t the only one awake that night, and it proved my point (that what I saw wasn’t just a dream), but my greatest fear is actually knowing the reality that such beings exist.

So, I conditioned my mind that since I will be seeing/experiencing more of this why not prepare for it I think the whole experience made me spiritually tougher luckily that was the last but every time I go to bed, I make it a point that once I turn-off the lights, I close my eyes immediately. Though I may not have that sixth sense nor nothing weird has happened yet for the past nine years, I can never tell that it won’t happen again. One things for sure, it will always strike you at your most unprepared moment…

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