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Years ago, when all my friends and I were ~17ish, we dabbled with Ouija boards. In the beginning nothing really major ever happened, and the “sessions” usually ended without anything notable. After a while of constant use of them (i rarely myself used the board, i was happy just being an observer), it seemed like we always got the same “ghost” talking to us. You can read into that however you’d like. There was always one that would talk to us, who was a nice spirit (i guess).

They warned us of an evil presence, they called Jake for some reason. Jake would always seem to through whenever one of my friends (Tom) would get on the thing. It would always threaten him, and such, but nothing ever became of it. The only real creepy thing to happen, was my friend Tom’s now wife, was at college, and one night playing some tetris like game like she always did, well, when she finished up one round of it, the high score list had JAKE and some astronomically high score. It filled all top 10 positions.

She got really freaked out (she never was there for our “sessions”) and turned the thing off and didn’t touch again till the next day. All the scores were back to normal. Do I believe all the Ouija Board stuff? I’m still skeptical, I’ve yet to see with my own eyes anything weird. Just stories from friends. I don’t not believe, but at the same time, I understand peoples imaginations can run wild. Quick story, humorous… My mother bought some cool gadget at Radio shack. Its a remote control for appliances. Basically you plug the one part into a wall socket, then the appliance (usually a lamp, or a fan) into it. It had a remote you then controlled those receivers with. It was fun. Well, my particular room at my parents house was in the basement.

The room has a bathroom coming directly off it, and a stairwell to the outside right next to that. So i hooked one of the receivers to the lamp in the bathroom, and one to a string of Christmas lights i had strewn across my room. The quirk about the receiver is, when you turn it off or on, it makes a loud click sorta noise. Well, the first night I got it, was right in the middle of our Ouija board experiences.

One of my friends was very much into the board, and very very into the whole Spirits deal, he did a lot of personal research, and just found it a very amazing hobby. So, he became our victim. We did a little bit of Ouija board action, then retired to my bedroom (which had 2 couches) and chilled for a while talking. I strategically placed the remote in my front pocket. While sitting there on the couch, i was able to stealthily press the on off buttons for the bathroom and Xmas lights. There was like 6 of us in the room, 4 of us actually knew what it was.

1 victim was someone who had just shown up, the other was our supernatural loving friend. I waited a bit, and turned the light on. Everyone took cue and went, What the hell was that? We joked about it for a bit (claiming it was that spirit Jake or something). I let time pass, and turned it off. The xmas lights were the only source of light in the room that night. So after a while of toying with the bathroom, and getting my friend kinda on edge, I decided to give the Xmas lights a go. Did it, and people on cue again went Holy shit!

Then, to add to the insult, previous planned, my friend was hiding this old Death metal CD I had found, and chucked it lightly at our friend. The hopes were, CD hits him, lights come on, he reads title of CD “Dismembered”, and freaks out. No, He freaked out the moment the CD hit him. He screamed so loud, my mother woke up (it was rather late). He had stood up, and just panicked. The rest of us, unable to hold our amusement as i turned the lights on all burst out laughing hysterically. I mean, i have never seen this guy freak out so bad. He was pale white and almost shaking. We showed him the setup of the lights, and he of course hated us for a day.

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