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Shophouses In Bukit Timah

My cousin has a row of shop houses along Bukit Timah. The first two levels was for retail of which he kept some for his own business and the rest was rented out to various tenant. For a long time, business was bad but no one suspected anything because economy was bad too.

One day, while my aunt (cousin’s mom) was visiting, she decided to use the restroom. At a distance, she saw a woman with long hair entering the toilet and closing the door behind her. So my aunt waited and waited for a long time, till eventually the son came along and knock on the toilet door, opened it and much to her surprise, they found no one there. So this incident was left as it is.

Another day, an Indonesian tenant hired a Bomoh from Indonesia to her shop. My cousin went to found out that the tenant had a spirit in the shop and according to the Bomoh, he had CHASED the spirit upstairs. I burst out laughing because it too belongs to my cousin.

Another incident…
This famous chain of restaurant in Singapore has a factory making their products there, choosing the location for the convenient distribution to their chain store. Apparently, one of the workers has a third eye and was able to see “those” things. They were having a break when his fellow colleagues mentioned something about haunting or “funny” things happening to this places to my cousin. This guy with the third eye just say ” Yah! There they are!! (he was eyeing a dining table with four benches around the square table in front of a Buddha) “All of them sitting around the table because your Buddha is not blessed!! They are not afraid of it!”.

Then there was this incident when I was visiting. My cousin was showing my mom this place that he had decided to keep it for his own business if he can’t rent it out. It was a nice corner of the building, pleasant, quite big but not much sunlight (maybe the windows were closed. I was looking till I came to this small storeroom looking place. I find it weird and funny and so I just kept starring at it till my cousin came along, put his face in front of me, out his hand on my shoulder and asked me “why??”, I just shook my head and said “nothing!” and carried on looking at the place.

Apparently, my cousin was trying hard to rent that corner of the place out. Twice, the deposit (huge amount because the place was quite big) was placed by two different tenant (two different occasions). But at the last minute before signing the contract, the tenants would change their mind, withdrew the contract and forsake the deposit. My cousin is always SO CLOSE to renting the place out, but never succeeded. He found out why…..

Big closure…
Apparently, the previous owner of the shop houses went bankrupt and hung himself in that very storeroom that I was staring at!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better still…….
My cousin was so angry that he couldn’t rent that place out and getting broke at that time, he charged into the store and said “You died here because you went bankrupt!!! Now I am getting bankrupt because you are messing around!!! And no one is winning in this situation!!

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