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My First Confinement

This happened during my first confinement. Its believed that after a women give birth, she is not allowed to step on the soil for at least 40 days. So right after i give birth my first baby boy, i was brought straight home by hubby. I was mostly being taken care of the brother. Many thinks that a man don’t know how but he, being a 47 year old man, and have 5 kids in hand, knows everything that even women don’t.

Knowing my attitude, he already said that i am not suppose to step out of the house as my period blood is still heavy and this calls for the ” lurky things” to come and wants it. In the process, i may be the victim too where it will suck the blood from below. Being me , i don’t actually believe that it would happen in this millennium and era. Also , i am not used to being cooped inside the house for too long .

To make things worse, my parents n family never like my husband and my baby was just one week old where they came and say lots of things about my hubby and how stupid i am. I face all this talks almost everyday and i was not even spared on the phone. That fateful night, with all the stress and torment that i get , i fought with my hubby . Just because that i thought that he’s just making me look like a fool. Where else he’s just being concern rather..

I straight head for the door and breathe the fresh air outside. I look around and realize that it seems to be so quiet. A rather unique quiet. There is this tree like a coconut or palm i dun really remember but the middle of the tree, there is a space where u could just put a coconut in it . So i dun know why , my fix is suddenly fixed to that middle portion.

I look closely and stared at that thing, not thinking about something funny , just maybe a new thing have grown or something. So while looking at it , i seems to only make it out for one thing. A head with long hair, looking directly at me. I push aside the thoughts not wanting to think that its always that thing, but it just seems clearer.

I the felt someone pulling my hand. Shocked, i took a sharp turn and look, oh, its my hubby. In an angry face, he ask me to come inside. I don’t know why i just follow. maybe I’m in a shock thinking that its that thing pulling where else its my hubby. After a while, hubby voice out to me.

” Do you know what’s that in the middle of the tree? Its a penanggal! ( a women who have this black magic and go out to suck blood for her magic powers to be stronger and for her to be beautiful, some say ) . Do you know what may happen to u if u were outside the house any longer?”

All i did was kept quiet. So its true what i saw. Just that my mind couldn’t accept that its that freaky thing. That night, i was all covered in fear. That thing actually bang on the window and i can see right in front of my eyes that the window shook. After one window, one window it bang. Not wanting to stand it anymore, i woke the brother up and he told me to just go back to sleep as that thing is just angry that she couldn’t get to suck on any blood.

So being someone angry, that’s how it reacted. As we were talking, i could see a shape liked head ting outside the window hovering after the banging stops. I close my eyes not wanting to see it . For a few days it lurks there after 12 midnight as at one time, i forget to close the kitchen window. As i was sliding it close, the tree caught my eyes, I saw the thing looking straight at me.

I quickly close and went to bed. Few minutes later, i heard a group of teenagers voice shouting …it says .. ” RUN!!! Its a flying HEAD!!!

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