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Third Eye Encounters

This story was featured on CH5 about a lady name Nicole, early 30s,who possess 3rd eye below are some her very own personal encounters told in the documentary.

I used to work in this old colonial camp and it was wonderful frolicking around its lush surroundings. One has to be careful though….as it was in a very secluded area over a wide plot of hilly land. If one was to walk around to explore during lunch time, be sure to have somebody go along with you.

One place I do not like the feel of, was the Male Officer’s Toilet. I used to walk around it all the time and do not feel comfortable with what it holds. Perhaps it was a lack of human traffic flow….there were few male officers in that camp then. Also, with that reason, we decided to convert that male officers’ toilet to a female officers’ toilet.

Even after the conversion, I would walk an extra 100m to go to the other female toilet. One day, I mustered up enough courage for the convenience.

There is nothing special about it; except that it is exceptionally spacious, cool and dark. It also has something you seldom see in ladies toilets…..urinals…a row of 3 tucked in one corner. Perhaps I grew accustomed to the resident of the toilet. After a while, I was comfortable enough to use it; but I would always announce my arrival outside the toilet.

One Saturday, a group of us started chatting around the meeting table and the topic got exciting. We started talking about the paranormal. An nsf officer who was temporarily posted to our camp revealed that he has yin yang eyes.

Now, I got excited. “Have you seen any around here?” I asked deliberately. Guy : “Haa….ya. The ex-male officers’ toilet.” Nicole : “You mean you see him as well??? Haa…” “ok, ok…..on the count of 3, we’d both say where he is and what he looks like.” It was agreed. 1- 2- 3!

Guy : “young man in white t-shirt standing between 2 urinals facing wall.” Nicole : “teenage boy in t-shirt and berms always facing the wall between the 2 urinals nearer to the corner. WOW! SAME! We both see him! We both chuckled like nobody’s business.

By then, all our colleagues gathering around the table have all gone white. The girls all started screeching in fear; which led to all the attending NSFs walking over to ask what happened.

Guy : “I always talk to him when I go and take a piss by the urinals with him beside me. Tell him don’t blur, he needs to go liao. Scold him, but he’s always still there.”

Nicole: “He’s gone already. He probably don’t like women using the toilet. He left a while back but he was there a couple of months after we converted the toilet.”

It tickled me that the nsf officer actually bothered to talk to him while he takes a piss. I would normally just tell him to go off in my mind and never actually saying it out….save for the few times I shouted at him for peeping over the shower. We both agreed that this white t-shirt fella was harmless even though we see him somewhat differently. I see t-shirt guy as about 70% translucent while he saw t-shirt guy as being relatively faint. From then on, I have to convince other female officers to go to that toilet with me despite my reassurance that the fella has gone.

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