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My Occult Story

I was born in a Buddhist family, learnt Theravada, Mahayana teachings since young but I always have a craving for the supernatural and unknown thus my entry into ” barang ” I have known my Barang Guru when I was in my early 20s and at the point of people I was into Thai culture of Buddhism like amulets and stuff like that and I was introduced into this his Sect of Barang of Indonesian origin as I wanted to see ” fast ” results. So I was practising the main Deity of our Sect until I know of a forbidden Deity in our Sect that was so dangerous and so powerful most of the people who practise it either turned evil, mad some cases death. As the ” power ” that can be obtain from Him is unimaginable so I beg and beg my Guru to teach me. He agreed out of kindness and the assurance from me that I will do no on harm.

I started practising every night and I could feel Him when he comes, strong winds, creepy feeling and even voices but after a while I was used to all this ” events ” so in order to acheive more powerful and results I did what no students have ever attempt I request for this Deity to ” merge ” into me and another Deity to take me as his Son. Well as what they say be careful what you wish for….. I went back to my Guru and the first thing he said after observing me (BTW he has what we call ” third eye ” ” what did you do? ” guessing that he already knows the pact that I have made to the 2 Deity I confess out to him. He gave a sign and said that my soul is not longer human as I am already part of the Deity family. So I realized that I am becoming more and more like the Deity as each passing day to the point that He will take over my body whenever he feels that I am been threaten.

I have tried using all means to invite Him out of my life, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam you named it I tried it but I just I have no one to blame but myself, I asked for ” Power ” I have it but what is the price? I know I have his destructive dark powers in me and even an army of spirits to command at my will but I feel that I am a threat to the people around me and myself as I am a walking ” Barang Killer ” so I decided to drop the whole thing and act as if I don’t know anything as so that I can live a normal human life.

It has been years since I can pour out my feelings to all you fellow Barang brothers and sisters, my word of advise is Barang is a sword with 2 edges it can either save someone or harm someone. Even the most evil spell can save a life if the user has a good heart and a good spell can harm someone if the user has a evil heart so remeber never let Power, Fame, Wealth and Women be your motivation in your spiritual training only with a good heart to help others then will you spiritual training have results and take things slow and easy don’t opt for the fast track.

I am back to answer all your questions. Ok someone asked if I can named this Deva which has merge into me I guess I am not able to do that as it will break my Sect rules as there are others whom practise this form of Barang in discreet and they too would not wish me to reveal out too much information. Anyway that was a past I wish I could forget. Maybe I can just provide a certain preview into the destructive level of this Deva’s power. There was this man in Singapore whom practise Phra Ngan till the point he is able to use its power to will any women he chooses, eg. in Kopitiams to agree and have sex with him. He booasted that his Phra Ngan was the most powerful. One of my Guru’s Sect brother (Shi Xiong) came to know of this, he too practise the very same forbidden Deva as me (not as crazy as I was) so he wanted to test his powers against this Phra Ngan practicer so my Guru’s Sect brother (Shi Xiong) finally got the chance of knowing this guy and asked if he could show him the Phra Ngan statue, the man pass the statue to Guru’s Sect brother.

Upon receiving the Phra Ngan statue in hand, Guru’s Sect brother (Shi Xiong) chanted this particular Deva’s mantra and this poor man’s Phra Ngan statue cracked ! All its ” powers ” lost. This was a story related to me by my Guru. I hope that that all Phra Ngan practicers do not take offence as I not implying that this Deva is more powerful than Phra Ngan as I believe they are all in the Deva level, its the practicer’s power that was destroy.

Someone asked if I was taught basic skills in this occult art, my answer is no as even nowadays Barang can be provided or taught to you via Internet for a fee as this Occult Gurus or Arjanns needed money for living they can’t ask their Devas, Phi or whatever spiritual being they are praying to to let money drop from the sky. It is a realistic world – Money talks and Bull#@@@ walks. And to answer another question – My Sect is not of Islamic background it is more like a shamanistic background.

This world is becoming more chaotic as forces of evil is on the rise due to human’s activities as Barangs are available everywhere for people to learn whereas in the past, only the brave ones or choosen ones are taught by Great Masters after going through some trials. With that much power been released, we can only hope that these modern Barang practicers to do good instead of evil as after all we are just human with our everyday problems. Only with Wisdom can Barang work wonders benefitting oneself and others.

Barang by nature is neutral neither bad nor good taught by the Gods in the past to help mankind defend themselves againist the Forces of Evil. What makes the Barang ” jalan ” is its indivdual spells or mantras as these are activation codes to your specific Deity for example Lord Phra Ngan as he has his own frequency as once you chant his mantra with strong faith and focus this will be coverted to Phra Ngan’s frequency siganals to him to answer your call.

I assure you every bit of my story is true life experience as I know it myself as someone has asked what do I use my powers for? Well, after so many years I manage to control the Deva inside me with Buddha’s compassion as only with Compassion can any Devas, Demons or Phi be subdue. Like how Somdet Archan Toh subdue the powerful Mae Nak with his loving-kindness and compassion. So I just ” forgot ” or pretend that I have not learn this art but recently I met my Guru and he said even if I did not practise it phyiscally my soul would travel to my Father’s realm and continue to train there in my sleep but for now I just wish to be a normal human.

I just wish that all you followers of the occult would not walk the path that I have walk and remeber always ask for Wisdom first before Power so that with proper mindset then your Barang will ” jalan ” to benefit oneself and others.

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