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My Experience

When I was a kid, there was a time when I would have fever exactly the same time everyday for nearly 2 weeks. The fever will come exactly at about 6-7pm daily and would be gone the next day but will come back again at the same time the following day. It was scary. I had seen a number of doctors but there was no cure for it. After consulting a bomoh, it was learnt that I had annoyed a spirit and an offering had to be offered. After the offerinf ritual, the fever never came back. Of cos I still have normal fevers nowadays.

When I was a teenager I had the experience of being “Sat On” by the supernatural.

It happened during the 7th month. My GF had just broken off with me. I was in low spirit and accidentally step on the offerings which was laying on the roadside. Feeling agitated, I said “If you are real, come and find me tonight” ever since that fateful night, whenever I slept, I would wake up in a pool of cold sweat. My eyes were open and I was sure awake but I just can’t move my body. It seems that my body was glued to the bed. When I wanted to shout for help (I shared the same room as my late father). No words could come out of it. I had the experience nearly particularly every night during the 7th Month. On other ocassions, I had an out of body experience. I could see myself laying on the bed. The view of it was that from my room’s ceiling. I told my aunts about it and they said I had probably offended a wandering spirit and hence my experiences. They went to offer some offerings and had me apologised to the spirit. After that all was fine.

There were other encounters that I had during my service with SPF.

I had just passed out from the Police Academy and was deployed to AMK Division. As a rookie, I was assigned a FTO(Field Training Officer) who will be my permanent partner for a month to teach me the ropes.

It was during a nightshift which starts at 2300hrs until the next morning 0800hrs, we were deployed for FRC (Fast Response Car – Those attending 999 cases). Our patrol started out normally. During those time, there was no computer system in the vehicles unlike now. All patrol details, S/Checks, cases, facts, etc had to be written in a log sheet. As a rookie, I had to write all theses. My partner was an experience officer, he was the driver. At around 0400hrs, we went into selatar resevoir area to take a rest. During those days, there was no lightings there. It was pitch dark! I was updating the log sheet while my partner was driving. Suddenly, he stopped the patrol car and got out. I was sitting inside the car. He was seen to be conducting a S/Check on someone. I could not see ANYONE!!!! After awhile he contacted our Division Ops Room and request a screening of a person. He also gave them a NRIC number to screen. This was heard over my walkie talkie. After awhile he got back into the patrol car and **** me. He **** me for not assisting him while he conducted a S/Check. I repiled that I did not see anyone out there beside him! Out of a sudden, a black cat jumped onto our patrol car’s engine booth. Both our goosepimples stood up. We knew that we had just encounter a spirit and we sped all the way out of there!

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