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This is another famous story that was circulated around Singapore at least twice. Although the press states that this is just another vicious rumour in a bid to frighten people in Singapore,some people have their side of the story. I don’t know how true but just read on for the thrill.

The first time I heard this tale was way back in the early 80′s. That was when I was in primary one. It was rumoured that a Malay woman from across the causeway was so obsessed about becoming beautiful that she went to see the bomoh for advice. (Well blame it on the media, our society, culture and men for promoting these stupid ideas) The bomoh told her that, to become beautiful she had to drink the blood of 100 young virgins and that was how she started her blood sucking spree. What I can’t figure out was why did she come all the way to Singapore and how did she develop her fangs! (hahahah)

This lady was said to be wearing only white and she would only come out after dark. The rumour really scared all of us out of our skins at that time because we kids used to believe anything. The worst part was, my then classmate’s friend’s, friend’s mother’s friend’s daughter, (don’t give me that look) was victimised and had to be hospitalised for a serious blood transfusion. I heard she nearly died. The press later issued a warning statement that this was a hoax and that anyone found guilty of spreading such a story could be charged. And you know what? The rumour immediately died down and when I asked that classmate about the pontianak, she casually told me that the 100 virgin quota had probably been met up so she probably went back to her home town just in time to avoid getting caught. Hmm…

A few years ago in 1996(thereabouts), another spate of this rumour started. Similar story (from J.B and all) but this time it was another woman who only wanted young Malay virgin’s blood. I heard this from my ex-colleague who told me that her friend’s friend’s cousin was victimised. According to her, this girl was alone at home when the pontianak came. She was hypnotised against her will and so she could not fight back.

Hours later, her mother found her pale body lying on the floor with two distinctive marks on her neck. She was hospitalised and kept in a secluded part of a ward to prevent the public from getting alarmed but the story got out anyway. The press issued another warning to squash the rumour which immediately died out again. When I asked my friend, she told me that her friend could not be contacted.

There are still no clues as to whether vampires really exist or not but if you’re reading this in the dead of the night and can’t sleep already, here are some tips on how to live a vampire free life.

(1)Wear a string of garlic around your neck because pontianaks can’t stand the stench.

(2)The only way to kill it is to drive a stake through its heart so always carry a sharp object like a pencil with you.

(3)Wear plastic pincers on your nose as pontianaks are known to have bad breath.

(4)Lastly, if any of these don’t work, don’t blame me, blame hollywood. HAHAHAHAHA!

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