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An Unexpected Playmate

This happened when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I was in my room sleeping and I woke up feeling wide awake.

When I looked at the clock in my room it was 12. I was extremely surprised it was that late. For some odd reason, I had a strange feeling to look on the floor-there she was a little girl in the fetal position.

At first I thought it was my little sister but when I looked again, I noticed there was a glowing light all around her. She had pigtails and a bonnet on. I was too frightened to move at all I quickly hid under the covers afraid to take a second peek at her. But when I did, she was standing by my closet and gave me a little grin.

I wanted to scream for my mum but I was frozen. I was afraid that if I got up and ran to her room she would grab me. So I stayed under my covers for the rest of the night.

I think the little girl is stuck in my room not able to leave because right now as I’m writing this, I feel like she’s looking over my shoulders reading this. It’s cold in my room but it’s mostly from the air-conditioning.

Now I am 14 years old and I haven’t seen the little girl ever since that night but that doesn’t stop me from feeling that I’m being watched. Plus I have another spirit I’m worried about-my Nana who died 2 years ago. I have had experiences and so do my family members which I will me sharing soon.

Story by brittany

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