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Haunted House In KL

Back in 80`s, my family and myself was visiting my Auntie in K.L. (malaysia) for a short holiday in the month of December. This is my first time taking a train from Singapore to K.L. and the journey was smooth and enjoyed. Along the way, we have laughter and enjoy seeing the beautiful of nature which Singapore do not have it. It`s about evening time when we reached K.L. train station. Aunt and her family already waited for us for long and we are glad to meet each after long years. we had dinner at a nearby sea-food restaurant and after which, we go for a shopping trip. All of us are tired and decided to go back to my Aunt place for resting. She has a big and beautiful house from far we can see. It`s amazing that she said the rental of this house is the cheapest among others and it`s very spacious in side. It`s a 2 storey terrace house.

The interior of the house is quite simple in design but very spacious. Since it was late, we decided to take a rest and looking forward for tomorrow event. My parent and sisters was occupying the room at the second level, while myself and my brother was occupying the room at the first level near the staircase leading to the basement kitchen. My Aunt remind me and my brother that incase we need to use the rest-room in the middle of the night , use the toilet located at same level. Do not use the toilet at the basement. At first we thought nothing was amiss. The first night rest was wonderful without any disturbance. In the morning we set-off for our one day tour in K.L. We do alot of sight -seeing , eating and shopping.

On the second day evening, while I`m sleeping, I heard sound from the basment kitchen. I got up and walk near the staircase to listen what is it. I heard the sound of the opening and closing of the fridge door. At first, I thought it could be my Aunt waking-up early preparing for tomorrow breakfast. Just dont bother and went to the toilet at the same level of my room to ease myself. On the third day evening which is also our last day stay with my Aunt. I heard sound at the basement kitchen again. This time the sound is getting slighly loudly. My brother was also awake and we thought it could be my Aunt preparing for foods. Both of us got-up and my brother is using the toilet in the same floor to ease himself.

At first I don`t feel anything scary and decided to use the basement toilet instead of waiting for my brother to finish his business. While I was walking down the stairs, the light is very dim in the Kitchen and wonder how my Auntie can prepare the food with this kind of lighting. As I was reaching the end of the stairs, to my “HORRO”, I saw the fridge door was opening and closing without any person standing in front. I saw a plate of meat like someone is carrying it from the fridge and later put it back again in the fridge. I`m too scare to shout and my legs is really soft to run. I managed to pull myself up and run up the stairs. Along the way, I had a slipped and had a few cuts on my legs. I told my brother what I saw and locked ourself in the room to wait for next morning.

Next day, I told my Auntie about the incident. She told me not to worry and have a safe trip back to Singapore. After nearly 3 months later, My Auntie family has decided to shift-out of the place and later than we know that her house was haunted. Who is opening the fridge and why he/she is putting back the meat after carrying it out ? It`s for you to find out !

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