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Back Seat

It happened one summer night coming back from my friend’s party. It was a big gathering for all our old friends who went to school together. During JC time, our bond of friendship was strong. But ever since we moved on to the real world, our lives went separate ways and lost contact. The opportunity to for everyone of us to gather was quite rare. So on this day we’ve met at one of our friend Scott’s house, everyone showed, even though some of us have to travel from far.

Party was fun and we caught up on our old times. By the time the party ended and it was time to go home, it was like 2 in the morning. I realised that one of my friends David has recently moved near to where I live. We left together. He brought his car also, a brand new sports car. I knew I couldn’t compete with him in speed so I let him go ahead of me and follow.

Our home was the other end of the island so it was at least 45minute drive. After exiting from the highway, we went into this small wooded road that I was not familiar with. I just followed David because I thought it was a short cut that he knew.

As we were driving past the narrow road, I’ve noticed a person’s hand appear in the rear window of his car. It looked as if someone was sitting in David’s back seat and smoking. I thought it was weird because, I knew David came alone to the party. And I also saw him going into his car alone. So who could it be?

I was so curious I’ve decided to have a closer look. As I did, I saw it even clearer. It was definitely someone’s hand. There was definitely someone sitting in the back seat of his car. And it was a woman.

I honked my horn and motioned David to pull to the side of the road. After he and I came to a complete stop I got out of my car and approached him. When I looked inside, there was no one in the back seat. I was so surprised. Could it have been my contact lens? David looked at me with a puzzled look. “What? Why did you want me to pull over?” he asked.

I felt really ridiculous and thought David will laugh at me if I told him. But I told him anyway of what I saw – a figure of a lady sitting in the back seat of his car. Suddenly, David screamed aloud and jumped out of his car. I was startled by his scream. “What? What David?” I asked him. His face was absolute pale and he was sweating heavily.

He told me with a trembling voice that, ever since he left the part and start driving in this small road, he felt as though something or someone was staring at him from the back. He was so scared that he didn’t even want to get back into the car. So we locked his car and I drove him home for the night. And next morning we came back to collect his car. In the bright daylight we saw something. Just beyond the trees along the side of the road, there were graveyards.

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