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The Weird Tale

This is my story…whether you choose to believe it or not…I don’t care.

There was one night, after the PSLE examinations last year, my friends and I had a sleepover in one of my friend, L, house. It was somewhere in Choa Chu Kang. Well..after the usual round of tidbits and gossip which are very common in any sleepover, L had a crazy idea. Play the ouija board. Well, as most of you know, the ouija board is used to contact a spirit. SO then there we were playing the ouija board..fooling around not really believeing that it would work when suddenly, the planchette started moving…

“Hello there babes”

We were all stunned..then, L plucked up her courage and said out loud,”WHo are you?”

The planchette moved again..

“I’m Chad.”

Some of the girls started giggling as the ghost was apparently a guy. It was B’s turn to ask the ghost a question. “How old were you when you died and how did you die?”

The planchette spun around for a while before spelling out the answer.

“I’m 17,babe. I was killed in a car accident.”

Upon knowing his age, the girls started their oohs and aahs again. And again the planchette moved.

“Hey, I wanna speak to that babe with the blue hair.”

All of us turned to L. We had bought some hair dye and we were fooling around with them just now and L had dyed her hair blue. R perked up and said teasingly, “Ooh L. He likes you!” L was blushing furiously. Then she spoke out loud, “Where are you Chad?”

And of course the planchette moved again..

“I’m right here of course. RIght next to you babe…”

Slowly reading it out loud, L turned around..suddenly she screamed and stood up. “He’s here!”

All of us looked at C when she said that. C has always been known as the “sensitive” one. Meaning she has the third eye. All of us turned to look at where C was pointing at first we could see nothing but soon we saw a mist beginning to take shape of a tall boy or man. When it was complete, all of us could see that the mist had taken the shape of a tall boy of about 6 feet, strangely…he had colour. Yeah that’s right..he had colour. You know usually ghosts are portrayed as colourless and transparent but the ghost was solid and looked just like any real boy. Surprise, surprise..the boy had dark brown hair and grey eyes. He was in a crouch-position at first so then he stood up, smiled at us and said, “Hello babes. Its me. Chad”

After saying so he turned to L, grabbed her face, tilted her face and kissed her on her mouth. This was apperently too much for us to take. We all screamed and ran out of the room…

After a while, L opened the door and stepped out. She looked like she had been making out with someone for a long time. I know it sounds stupid but we all concluded that L HAD been making out with Chad. We showered questions upon her but all she said was, “Why did you guys leave us alone there. Chad is a nice guy. He just wants to get to know us..” Then she walked to the living room and plopped down on the sofa. We thought that everything was going to go back to normal but apparently, Fate had a different idea.

While watching the know the part where Linda Blair did the infamous 360 degree turn. Chad appeared in the screen and also did the head turn. We all screamed and switched off the television. L was the most freaked out. She seemed to have gotten out of the dreamy state she was in just now. She kept saying to herself, “You made out with a ghost! You actually made out with a ghost!!” Soon she was babbling on and on. L always does that when she did something wrong or is nervous. We had laid out our sleeping bags in L’s room but then after the weird incident we decided to sleep in the living room instead. And it doesn’t end there either, oh no…L woke up the next night with a weird red mark on her neck. It was really weird. THere was no logical explanation for it. It didn’t itch so it couldn’t be a mosquito bite.

Up until now, L still has the mark on her neck. Its really obvious especially when she’s wearing the school uniform as she has her top button off. Ever since! that day onwards…L is usually seen(fortunately, L went to the same school as I do..its a girls’ sch) sometimes smiling to something which no one could see..and most of the time staring into blank space. Sometimes even talking to soemone nobody can see. So if you ever happen to go to that part of singapore where L lives and see a girl with a red mark on her neck right in a nook under her throat…that’s L…we still think that Chad and her are going steady…

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