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A Momento

This story is related to me by one of my close girl friend, Violet during my tertiary schooling days.

Violet had a friend, Jenny, who’s a lead singer in one of the local (not so known) band. One fine day, they’d decided to spend the day with their group of friends at Jenny’s place. They were spending their time talking about their childhood lives and the funny encounters they’d been through. Jenny was relating abt this happy encounter when she was in primary 2 or 3, a long time ago before she moved house to this current place.

Jenny was a single child in the family. Not so pampered, but had no one to play with unless either one of her parents is not working that day. She had waited so long for that sunday whereby her parents are at home. So they decided to spend a day with her at the playground downstairs, and to take some photos of this merry moments. (Last time’s playgrounds were those with the stone slides, the ironbar ‘dragon’, the rotating tyres on the sandy playground floor)

Jenny was having a lovely time playing with her parents on the playground when she spotted 2 children (a girl of about her age and another boy who is a little bit older) looking from under the block not far away. They seems envious of the fun that Jenny was having. Jenny thought that probably she could grab the chance and make some friends around the area, so she asked her parents if she can play with them. Her parents smiled at her and gave her the go ahead. So Jenny invited them to join in the fun. They were having a lovely and cheerful time at the playground until it’s time to return home. Jenny was very reluctant to go home because of the fun she was having with her 2 new found friends. So Jenny’s parents suggested to take a photo for the 3 of them to keep as a momento. The 3 happy children took their places on the stone slide and gave their brightest smiles. Jenny promise them that she’ll meet them the next weekend to past them the photos. So a date was made.

When the weekend arrived. Jenny waited at the playground for 2 days, but the 2 children wasn’t there. For the next following few weekends, Jenny waited again, but they weren’t there either. It was a long time later when Jenny decided not to wait anymore, because they might have moved house already.

Back to real time, Jenny was a little teary when she was relating this story because it was these 2 children that made her day the happiest she had. Then suddenly, Jenny wanted to look for that photo she’d taken with the other 2 children, so the group helped her to dig into her huge collection of photo albums. It’s been a long search and finally someone claimed that she’d found a similar photo, but it wasn’t exactly like the one Jenny described. So Jenny asked to see it. Upon seeing the photo, Jenny turned pale and started to shake. Violet took the photo from her shaking hands to take a look at it.

What Violet saw, was a photo taken at the playground, 3 people in that photo. One of them was little Jenny. And the other 2 children wasn’t in sight, but in place, there were 2 adults standing on each side of little Jenny. Both with a very bright smile, but they were wrapped in a black robe, exposing only their heads. Violet managed to voice out a question, “Weren’t they suppopse to be little kids at the point of taking the photo, Jenny?”

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