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Telok Blangah Heights Horror

I`ve been living in Telok Blangah Heights for the past 20 plus years and i`ve encounter alot of strange things happened.Anyway its not only me but 85% of the neighbourhood does too.Some old folks said its where evil dwell were lived in this place (Telok Blangah Heights).

Now,my scary encounter stories with the thingy actually it was very long but i make it short along the way whole chapters.

The First chapter, when I was aged 6, I normally sleep with my parent at night in their room( Master Bedroom). when my parent already fall asleep but i can`t, its look something in my head says don`t sleep then I saw something or somewhat moving back and forth couple of times in gray clothing right just in front of my parent`s bed. I was scared and got numb and i fall asleep. I told my parent but they just keep quiet.

Second chapter,my aged getting older now at this poiny of time i was at 10 after 4 years incident of the gray ghost.This time its different at these aged i`ve encounter twice each week. First week night, the night was so hot so i make a tent in my living room made out by a box fan and very thin blanket so the wind will just blow at me.I was sound asleep suddenly my eyes open and i saw a white figure appeared in between of my parent`s room and my other room. The thing move its head but i can`t really see the face because it totally fully covered. So I only got one choice which is pretend to sleep till next morning. Second week, my god brother like to sleep on the sofa so he sleep out side and i sleep in my room. When I heard a noise from outside, i panic so i went out to see , suddenly i feel so breezy, it was my front door was being open and i thought its was my god brother went out but in few seconds later he came out from under the sofa and rush to close the front door. I said to him what happened but he told me to keep quiet instead and i understand what going on.

Third Chapter,Five years later and my age that time was 15. At these age, i love to watch night show on TV, so me my sis and my mum where at the living room watching TV. When i look at the wall clock its shows 11.30 pm, suddenly i heard a big bang in front of my house corridor so i decided to look under the door but i can only see a slight of it and i was white cloth turning left and right. I rushed to my room and my mum too but my sis still at the living room she dead asleep i guess.When I`ve reached to my room to take a look from my window. The thing gone.By The way at these point of time where rumours were being spread out amoung neighbourhood where Pochong being sight-seeing by some people around the neighbourhood and its true.

Forth Chapter,At my age of 22. I was playing with my playstation( The Old version) and the game was Resident Evil and some of my family members also not sleeping at these time too but they in my room.Suddenly while i was playing the game, someone knocking my front door “its Once knocked”. So i look under my door there`s nobody and I continue the game.Two minutes later someone knocking again “twice Knocking” still nobody. The second knocking sound made my family members to tell me who was at the door knocking at these late hour,so i told them to keep quiet. I switch off my TV and my playstation, i quickly ran to my room. Once i was at my room , these time the thing not knocking. The thing bang my front door very hard like going to force open. The next day morning my parent decided to move our home from these nightmare.

To all readers i`m so sorry i can only tell you these much actually i have more to tell. If you readers are really true believer in otherside I dare you to go these place(Telok Blangah Heights) I don`t mind if you all wants me to show around and give you a tour where you really can feel the evil around your skin crawling. Email me if you all have some enquiries to ask.

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