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Old Lady Under The PIE

Here is the follow up on the spooky real life encounters of my neighborhood friend, Des, who lives just exactly a block away from me. My friend is quite like Isis… very sensitive to the spiritual stuff but has no 3rd eye. My friend has been staying in Bedok for about 15 years…. these are the stories told by him which he either encountered or encountered by his ah bengs neighborhood friends who also, happen to stay around my block too.

Des is a frequent ah beng cyclist who occasionally hangs around with his ah beng friends by going cycling (to where I don’t know) if he isn’t chilling out under void decks speaking Hokkien vulgarities, guffawing and idling time away.

If you know the Bedok North area well, you will know where is the Red Swatika Primary School located and the stretch of lonely road (many cars passes by there often but in terms of pedestrians it is very secluded and lonely) that is heading towards Bedok reservoir road. In the middle of the road there is the PIE over crossing it like a huge bridge. Needless to say, under that highway it is VERY dark, not to mention run-down as you can see weeds growing outta the ‘pillars’ of the highway. Look around and you can only see vegetation (Simon, if u touch down to S’pore I’ll bring ya go to that road and snap a picture out of it. Its a walking distance from my house), wild bushes and even draping vines from the highway! This only goes to show that the Government did not bother to send someone to try keep the area physically clean. Anyway, even b4 the story was told to me I heard from the typical ah sohs in my neighborhood that that area under the PIE is VERY dirty… spiritually dirty. Yep… I walked under there a few times (becuase got off at wrong bus stop) and did actually feel my hair stand a number of times. Maybe it’s just chilly….

Des related to me there was once he was with a group of about 6 friends cycling to Bedok Reservoir coffee-shop from Bedok North Rd when suddenly one of his friends’ bicycle tyre punctured for no reason and the poor beng gotta push his bicycle all the way to their destination. Naturally, anyone going from Bedok North Rd to Bedok Reservoir would have to pass by that stretch of dirty road and also, under the PIE. Also expectedly, the one pushing the bicycle was also at the back and last of the group.

It was around midnight to early morning when they happened to pass under the PIE. Everything went on smoothly until the last guy got stopped by an old lady dressed in a very old typical China samfoo. She was in a dark corner of the bridge and was beckoning the last guy in the group to come over…. it was quite a distance and rather dark but he could roughly make out her presence.

Here’s what Des told me: ” I dunno what happened but my friend just went over. We all were quite shocked as so late already, where got people, especially old lady doing at that ulu (secluded) spot. We don’t know what happened but he came back running and told us to rush off as that old lady kept on holding back onto his bicycle and asked him to help her dig in the ground. She was pointing to the ground all this while. She told my friend that her grandchild was buried underneath and that she needed him to help her dig him up…. then when we looked closely, we could see that her eyes were hollow!! Without a word we all pia (dash off) from that place as fast as we could!! Even my friend, as if he got so much sudden energy, he ran all the way pushing his bicycle almost as fast as we were cycling!! ”

That was a few years ago when it happened but somewhere later on he asked his mother about the PIE thing and she revealed that a few years back a young little boy was playing along under the PIE when don’t know how, but he got hit by a vehicle and died on the spot. The newspapers even came out an article on that. Everyone in the Bedok North neighborhood knows the family of the boy. Apparently it seems that he was his grandmother’s only and favorite grandson. So we all know the rest here ……

In fact, around this Bedok North area there are more than 5 eerie cases of sightings, encounters and even a handful of unnatural deaths…. one of them being a secondary school friend of mine (this also made it to the papers somewhere in 1995).

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