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This is the experience that I have encounter that many people taught that I’ve create story. Some do believe but some taught it was a fiction. Well, let see if the story that I’m going to tell is it true or just a normal story ghost book.

The night is cold and windy. The night before, I dream of a lady coming approach me and told me that it’s going to be raining cats and dogs. What does it mean by that? I can’t solve what does she means. I was going back home from work. It was in the early midnight. The vehicles on the road can be counted. I always riding a motorbike to work instead of car. When I bypass the bus stop, I saw a lady sitting at the bus stop. And I really don’t know what’s her intention of sitting at that bus stop. Is she waiting for a bus? A night rider bus doesn’t pass there. So i just ignore it went back home safely.

The next day, it seems to be happening again. It’s like deja vu. Wearing the same clothes and sitting down at the bus stop. Then my intention is to stop by and asked her what is she doing in the middle of the night. But I’m scared. It’s because I look her alone at the bus stop by doing nothing, might else well I approached her and asked her. I asked her, “Ma’am, What are u waiting for?” And she reply me that she’s going back home. This is insane because there is no bus at that hour. She looks very cold. And I asked her whether can I send her back home? And without any further taughts, she hurry and jump over my pillian’s motorbike sit. It strange because I can’t feel the weight. I asked her name before moving off. She replied, “Maya”. I asked her,”Where do u stay Maya?” And she told me that she will instruct me back to her place. Then I let her use my jacket because I look her shivering of cold. After I reached her place at the carpark, I asked her address. She gave her address just like giving a twenty cents coin to a small kid. Well, by then she’s already home.

The next fall, I forgot that my jacket is with her. So what I’m thinking is that before I went to work, I better go to her place and take back my jacket. I spent around four hundred dollars on that jacket. So I can’t easily make her take my jacket.

Then I went to her house in the afternoon. I hope the address is right that she gave me yesterday. So I knocked on the door. And to be appear is her mother. And she asked me,”Yes son, How can I help u?” Then I replied,”Well auntie, do Maya live here?” And she starred at me. She told me to come in the house. She make for me a cup of tea and some “goreng pisang”. I hope she’s at home because I saw my jacket hanging outside the wardrobe. And saw her picture too. So I asked Maya’s mother,”Auntie, Is maya at home?” And her mother look at me in shock and she replied,”Son, don’t you know about Maya?” Well I looked in surprise and told her that i don’t know. And she told me,”Son, Maya passed away nearly one and the half year already. Don’t you know anything?” My “goreng pisang” come out from mouth and felt like vomitting. She must be joking but why must she be joking if someone dies. But why is my jacket hanging there? Actually Maya’s mother also don’t know who’s jacket it was. So without any further taughts, I took my jacket and dashed out of the house.

Well, if i saw any lady of someone at the bus stop in the middle of the night, I swear I will not drop by and talk to her. I do also went to her cemetery and chant some prayers. I do visit to her house presently and talk more about the late Maya. Well, let her story be classified why she passed away. And she may be sitting at that bus stop again waiting for someone to fetch her home. So be careful guys.

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